History in the comparisons: look back

This opus was inspired by quite a huge number of publications comparing military equipment to various periods of the second world war. The creator does not in any way claim to truth and infallibility, but simply gives his outlook on the way should look for such publication.

The last straw that broke my psychological equilibrium, was an article that compares the T-34 and "Sherman". Also, some comments to her from the participants. Reminiscing about the undertaken obligations no longer matershinnichat on this resource, I made translation from Russian to Russian from the initial version. The article clearly faded. I personally like more than the initial version of "Is not about … hreneli me? '.


From the very start hunting question: "Yes, as you can? '. How much can you try to cram nevpihuemoe in our long-suffering head? How much can already foaming at the mouth and reference numbers of the monitor to justify us once again that we are … no? And further in the text. You know, and it's time, it's time, pochetaemye, take the example of hot Neuvazliayev Pindos, for in them there even shit gold, as it is — the South American! It is very necessary to take their example.

Than live longer, a little longer than I read on various resources different materials, all the more convinced that wanting to rewrite history with each passing year it becomes more. And they have every right to make an objection — less. And any such little article — it's spit. And do not spit in the faces of our people, we were disappointed in utremsya polem and in response, the benefit of the web, and it can not. This is a slap in the 10's of thousands of graves, scattered from the Volga to the Elbe. This is a slap in our history, in our past. Yes, it was a weary, it was bloody, it was not always fair and correct. But it is our past, and how much you can afford to spoil her rezunopodobnym skotolozhtsam their fecal Pseudoanalytic works? Russian, why do you always have to bend to rattle, to trample the earth, ashes to fall asleep, and only then will you begin to once again stand up and gate of the place from which got out, to drive? How many of them already? The Tartars, Mongols (I know myself that there was no oppression, it is for the company, so as thrashed them, too), the Turks, the French, the Germans, the Poles … All otovarilas. But now the gate (figuratively) is the worst enemy: jerk at the computer. And scribbling stained uncleanness, pouring our history, our memory. And I still have a bunch of bastard volunteer helpers have any reason not to write something, but there is at least something of a desire to move forward, and that's how Xerox copy. That's who should be there too …

All that did not scream, now about bread. What most infuriates is the fact that in all these surveys stare de facto. Here is the Yak-9, but the "Mustang". YAK — wood vonchego and "Mustang" — an instrument of victory, a masterpiece of aircraft. And no reason or not to pay attention, that South American aviation industry, history which was slightly longer than the entire history of the Soviet Union at that time, could not sbatsat dviglo for this masterpiece. And turned to Britain. By the "Rolls-Royce". But on whole world yelling that our engines is theirs, "Boeing", sold to us as a legacy. Yes, it is. And no one denies. I allow myself for the sake of brevity send all reading a couple of resources that allow you to do without the help of some other conclusions.
Plus there are more then a couple of articles Samson, very savory.

Yes, we have first of the last century aviation was hard. Almost nothing, because all were taken abroad. And waged war on the "Farman" and "Nieuport". And, when the Russian Federation is not, the need for airplanes, surprisingly, remained. On the "ayrvare" all this can be uglyadet. Built. His own. Excellent or worse, but built. And wage war on what has been built. In the factories, which were created in the first five-year plans. Yes, not enough machines, professionals, but no one was expecting manna from overseas uncles. Because they knew that no friends, and is not expected. In bed base workshop, but the young greyhound as a nuclear submarine, Alexander Yakovlev was assembling his tarahtelki. Gaining experience, which later turned into the Yak-3. Believed, an infection, it is necessary. Lavochkin heart ripped the English flag, shuttling across the country to make its own production of La-5, it is that, with the Stalin Prize was torn? Hardly. People were doing their job because it was maybe at the time. Same thing with tanks. They have of in the first world did not exist. First creation has appeared in the Russian government. So the path traversed by the industry and our design engineers was not just typical. It was magical. And the fact that our army 22.06.1941 had his weapon, not a hodgepodge from all over Europe — it's a fact. Not a bad, bad — do not care. It was our tool, with which our soldiers fought the war even with Germany, and with the team in Europe. Surpassing the Soviet Union as the number of factories and bureau, and often, as the experience and quality. And it is our soldiers trampled in the remains of the enemy and gryazyuka by paying millions of lives for this victory. So what, say, the right to have these assholes from history to judge whether our technique is good or not?

And it was good. And not only because as soon as (by historical standards) period have been made:
1. Model (even taken as the base imported from other countries standards, slightly kopirnut themselves and build something?)
2. Seasoned standards
3. Production capacity
4. The structure of supply and equipment.
And all for 20 years in a country where the first century, when Britain and Germany have already built the flow tanks and planes, the people on the tractor with forks rushed. This is for you? It was good, as defeated.

A familiar song: "Russian flooded the sky wood and steel coffins land, the Germans crushed the poor corpses, and therefore won."
WHAT A night owl??
Yes. The planes were wood. Could not at that time still pay tribute to the smelting of aluminum. Yes, not yet managed to debug the production culture. Yes, there was priborovooruzhennosti as the Germans or the Yankees. There were no tanks on such high-quality optics, like the Germans. There was no such motor potential in engines. Used all that was now available. And going to war planes hands rarest male providers, which simply can not be used on another. Yes, ladies collected, children and old people. Of course, by far our aircraft aerodynamics was (although with whom to compare. If flying coffin "Hurricane — that is even possible) to the British. Yes, lagged in some elements of comfort. I heard a such a case: the foreman said Igashov technician Pe-8. Our aircraft landed for refueling in Poltava, where there were the "fortress" after the shuttle raids on Germany. Naturally, amers climbed to look our aircraft and our them. And one young pilot with that little bit of disdain said, they say, to the grave, not even a toilet. To which he replied, completely seriously enough in our navigator's "What are you doing to them? Pissing? And here we bomb them Krauts! ". And this is all ours. Yes, our machinery behind the European and American models. A lot was missing. Sometimes I get the impression that our fighter (figuratively, and tank comm
ander and pilot) came with the machine gun on trehlineykoy. Yes, there was a radio compass Jake, of "friend or foe", not even a radio intelligent until amers drove up, there was no radar stations, guidance on the radio. A lot of it was not. But it was a tool that people can take in order to defend their country. And take, and defend. Remember "Sky War" Pokryshkina. MiG-3. Not the most obedient and most powerful armament plane. Waged war. We shot guns mnogokalibernye BS for installation on new machines. Even worse. ShKAS fighting. Waged war, as necessary.

And now we come to the main point. By the people. No, to the people. Which overpowered. In the trenches, in perhaps not the most best tanks and airplanes, but that came to destroy in order to live we. And wrought this victory the most terrible price. At the cost of his own life. And that is something that is unreal make no technique. If a person goes to fight for what is right — do not care what's in his hands. In principle, the way he relates to this. How many Germans with clicks "For Führer and fatherland!" Made the air ram? ZERO. And somehow the Americans not to score. How many of our? Read Mukhina, he there says it all. At the same time, rams made, even when the air was already full advantage. History knows not just a huge number of examples where technology, even the most elegant and deadly, to give in to heroism.

So if you take the already mentioned theoretical confrontation between "Sherman" and T-34, the only question is only one. In the carriage. If the tank crews will be times of the war, the "Sherman" can be set and two and three. Their end will be one. Sad and dymnovonyuchy. Similarly, the confrontation with the Yak-9 and R-51. Since the approach was quite different.

Eight of them — the two of us.
The balance before the fight is not ours, but we'll play!
Sergei, hold on, we do not shine with you
But the trump card to equate

I have this box of heaven will not leave
I number at the moment is not important
Now my friend protects me back
And if you think the chances are equal

Who was the poet said? About the Germans? Brits? The Yankees? French? Yes, not bad in nature. So could only do ours. And there were. Four out of 12 Pokryshkina Me-109, the ship was "Fog" goes into battle against the 3 modern destroyers, the icebreaker "Siberians" goes into battle against the "Scheer" idiocy list all these examples. I do not deny there were similar cases and soyuznichki. But the unit. For one thing — to breathe for the interests of their own country on the islands in the Pacific Ocean, France, Iraq, and quite another thing — for their country, for their country. Well, no chance.

Cannon win — it's a tool that brings victory. Which is in the hands of favorites. These are two integral parts of the 1st unit. Victory. Coward, who believes the chances of success, the weighting TTX own equipment and the enemy, all the options are calculated, wherever he was sitting — in the "Tiger" or "Sherman" is doomed to failure from the one who has only one option — to overcome. At any cost, even what instrument.

Enough associate. At Cannon Wins our names. Grabina, Kotin, Koshkin, Degtyareva, Shpagin, Mosin, Lavochkin, Yakovlev, Ilyushin, Petlyakova and hundreds and thousands of designers and millions of workers in the rear. And millions of our fighter who captured this tool our victory. Majestic and bloody, so majestic, so many years, there is no rest Rezun and other stories from muddled. Hands off, you bastards, from our memories and our history. It is our Victory, won by our soldiers with our tool, and we are all ordinary people, patriots of their country and its history, come on, give and will to fight back all fans denigrate it, to diminish the role of our nation in this war. This is our trench, and I'm sure I'm not alone in it.

I apologize to anyone who finds my expression harsh and unflattering. Who supports such articles, their discussions are, finding it entertaining. I totally did not want to offend anyone. And I can not keep silent, too. Sorry.

Congratulations to all those who do not care for our army to the purpose for the post of defense minister really decent person. The main thing is he strong enough.

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