History of Chechnya from the former occupant Crucible

Briefly to talk to you. Want to Believe it or not — but as last groznenets I know the history of their own region well.

Damn, do at least FAQ. Zadolbalo the same thing to say.

By the way, I warn you in advance — all I do is lay out the impossibility to gently correct and tactful. Do something about it must be read strictly — mat.

So that's — so-called Chechnya to the Chechens has only one attitude — Chechens seized this Russian countryside. Yes, exactly so — is the territory of the Russian Federation, the Chechens, she never belonged. General. Taken aback, right? Hadeyus. Then read it.

Chechens — a bunch of similar composition on linguistic tribes living in the mountainous regions of the Caucasus — approximately where in the mountainous part of the Chechen-Ingush ASSR today. In fact I'm not even sure that it can be considered as people — they are bound by voedinyzhdy (more sets of neighbors) only damn low level of development. Obviously it about the Chechens, as they were before snowy / Russian civilize. Social system — a cross between a stunted slavery and feudalism underdeveloped. Writing is not (only on whole Caucasus!). Language consists of approximately polutora/2-uh thousand words in general — read very hard to express complex thoughts without borrowing the words of other languages is unrealistic. Primitive economy, rude cool gun, odezhka — well, savages, in general. Harisovalis them as such here and there in the fourteenth century.

Ha plains they live — where they "had" more developed neighbors, because of their own tribes lived in fortified villages, where they could fend off the attack neighbors (their own, Chechens or any other). Hemaluyu stake in their society has brought that into this area migrated feral outcasts from other tribes — the thieves, murderers, swindlers — those who were expelled or who themselves had time to escape. "By the National sport number 1", apparently, was the theft could compete with it except that the ability to catch slaves. These two disciplines have been applied by profitable, much more profitable than farming. Is that silly Russian theft shamefully — Vainakh this honorable, decent man thing. Because experience in such matters beautiful. A site of endless poverty turns malignant envy of more fortunate neighbors.

That's such a fascinating sample of hypertrophic robber band. Hadeyus, no need to explain the fact that no country or a combination of these tribes into a whole there was no?

And later, Georgia was accepted into the Russian Empire and began to build our homeland of the message to Georgia but Armenia. Reasonable, natural and normal.

The problem was that at least some transportation route — a source of booty for nearby robbers and bandits in the Caucasus was a fig — though the stove Marsh robbers. Chechens as a feral and beggars, dopekayut more than others.

Fought with them easily enough — put on the plains (unpopulated, remember) Cossack settlements. It was the beginning of the Terek Cossacks. In some places, this force was sufficient, but in these parts — no. Chechens began to gather in groups large enough to attack the Cossack villages — "salt, matches, sugar, however." In a Russian plane was something very much like the Chechens in the mountains — items "luxury", a tool of slaves, just the means. Then there are constants introduced troops and supplied military fortified settlements. One of these settlements was a stark fortress, founded by General Ermolov in a year, there's been forgotten. Later, the castle, together with the settlements grown around it became the basis for the town of severity.

Habegi Chechens were drowned in the blood — Ermoloff well aware, with whom he was dealing, and showed a single intuitive argument savages — force. Remorseless, bloody revenge, collective responsibility. During the attack on the Russian settlement troops slaughtered on the vine near aul. Mutual love, as you know, it did not add, but many Russian lives saved. This is the confrontation between "us and them» IMHO and nearby villages joined under the banner of hatred in a single narodec.

Next Chechens virtually divided into two camps: the assimilated, more precisely, who took Russian culture and ideology, and brutalized, cultivating hatred of Russian in their own mountain refuges. The first is do not play a big role, but the second proved to be completely after the October Revolution, when advancing the thesis that "every savage on the book and a piece of soap." Chechens were given the opportunity to settle in the Russian villages, towns and villages — and this was the beginning of the end of the Cossacks. Chechens they just ate, survived, squeezed — as a brash, pushy, fierce and very prolific narodec.

And then Lofty was Russian. Hemtsy stood under the city, burning oil factory, the city was preparing to pass the fascists — were taken obkoms / district committees, pulling back troops. And when the town is left in the main civilian population — was a revolt. Massacre of St. Bartholomew, Hoch longish Hozhey. Russian slaughtered like sheep, killed with all the Asian ruthlessness. To present to you is do not you manage yourself, do not try.

Managed Would you imagine for yourself what can be done with human intestines after that meter man ripped open his belly and took discharge the same guts out? They one can decorate the house fence. As a garland. It's very funny, by the way. A peasant woman raped, if still alive, one can give thanks to those with a dagger, which had just cut her kids. It's more fun — it is very easy uhohatyvalsya.

Hemtsev yet somehow repelled, the troops returned to the city — also spilled a lot of blood. Of course! Here then, and specifically because of this rebellion was taken the decision to move away from the Chechen front band — for the Caspian. In order to avoid similar incidents this fifth column were loaded and transported — also spilled blood, I think, you know. Took out something by force.

After the death of Stalin's repression pendulum has swung in the reverse direction — began encouraging all chohom rehabilitate indiscriminately "whom and for what." Hu and Nokhchi for the company, but since they have been "unjustly repressed small people", "offended sovestskih member of the close-knit family of nations", its Moscow began to kiss your ass, they all returned (who have desired), they made an autonomous republic (!) on the territory of Russia, where the Russian nokhchi have shed so much blood, they were given a small percentage of government representatives in the mandatory structures — and that was the end of the lands. Vainakh bred like rabbits, 10-15 kids in the family, the main sites in the structures of power allowed to steal a lot, often and often — not enough only kids to eat, and on a sheepskin coat, a car and own a house to each offspring. Haprimer? only the appearance of the fence around the villa could put three quarters of the population of Chechen villages — such fences were built of sheet metal that get unreal. He did not went on sale just fundamentally. It was isolated only in the construction neftehmicheskih vehicles, but three-quarters of homes Serzhen' Yurt was surrounded by this very list.

The main positions in the country occupied by intelligent and far-sighted Chechens. They knew that the thin world better than a good quarrel, the animals were kept in hand, did not allow lawlessness. Obviously, the order would be outrage to Petrograd — how many people are accustomed to the fact that from a night walk on the Russian town of stagnant years very simply can not come back alive? The Russian lived as under siege, but to throw your own h
ouse nobody wanted — to allow these reptiles to survive us?

Later, central authority weakened, smart Chechens predicted the chaos and rapidly flowed into Russia. The country began a bloody mess, after three years, this was the perfect mad house, verbally tell it is very difficult — it was necessary to create. Half a million Russian city ruined and broken up, the second largest in the USSR complex of refineries and chemical plants had been destroyed. It was only after three years of bloody mayhem in city troops were introduced. Stupidly and bestalantno.

The forthcoming you beheld himself. I shall only add that for some reason specifically Russian refugees from Chechnya, the people who had fled from the house of the ruthless savages who have lost everything — our homeland hitherto despised. Where is the camp for Russian refugees? Hu where?
I know old people who fled from Chechnya, turned back — they preferred death to expect from a knife to his own native land, than breathe in train stations, along with the homeless!
No person did not help Russian, nobody. Kicked, spat upon, doused mucky — no we did not help either word or deed. Ho for the protection of cattle Zapyataev gumanitariki-Democrático got a mountain, Bags ashamed of, Judas … Demonstrations staged "hands off of Chechnya." As I lusted all of them come to be there, in the middle of vainakhov — sip slave to clarify a bit of brains!

In the period 1941-1945 the country, too, sacrificed his people. By the same reason. Heky people thought he was the best. What Russian land best suited to them. They (the enemies) captured part of the terrain of my country, in the occupied territories had a systematic destruction of my people. GEHOTSID. Destruction on a national basis. At the cost of many deaths and ruined lives enemies were defeated and driven out to our area. Only then no one dared to call Russian troops "occupiers and invaders."

They want the department — the flag in their hands, while Russia does not interfere. Simple! Whole million Nokhchi let unanimously submits documents to leave the country.

Though in Antarctica. Ho I do not want to give it their own home.

Hundreds of thousands killed by Russian civilian population of Chechen-Ingush ASSR and the surrounding land, God knows how many slaves in the pits vainakhov, means leaving in the hole billion and who separate, if most of them are already here? Has Russian citizenship?

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