History of medals and prize symbols

History of medals has hundreds of years, models of modern premium characters have appeared in ancient times. How did the class and the classes that powerful people feel the need something to distinguish yourself from the crowd, use a symbol — Special, made of expensive material. First medals were made of iron, and later of silver and gold, and later from the tree. Naturally, the development of civilization, of art impact on the development and improvement of the medals, which became more luxurious, fanciful.

A more modern example of the insignia — icon, which is a small iron or plastic plate of various shapes and sizes, which is a depiction inscription. Now the icons there is a huge amount of majestic: sports, corporate, fans', souvenir, deputies and others. Ordered all the icons in specific companies that have special equipment and materials for the production of souvenirs.

Our company is also practiced in the production of medals and badges. With all this we have concentrated their activities not only in the capital city and the region, and regions. Successfully running our creation icons in Stavropol, a high-quality creation icons in Surgut, Krasnodar, Ufa. With all this and our Capital Account and regional consulates offer a wide range of high quality prototype aways. Not hard to get our badges in Sochi, Yakutia, Naberezhnye Chelny.

As for the technology that we use for creating badges and medals, their are a few that are chosen in accordance with the specific terms of reference client. So we want to offer: badges and medals cast, stamped, made way hot enamel, EPOL, etching. Especially needed now are the icons with enamels, which are listed as the best solution to maintain corporate identity. This development makes it possible to get wholesale lots of icons very quickly. With all of this in terms of the cost per copy is a lovely and affordable for everyone.

Popular and cast badges and medals, produced by special technology. Upon customer request our technicians can make the casting process icon though what size and shape, even unusual, with a complex and sumptuous pattern. On its own icons of modern industries in Stavropol, Tyumen, Krasnodar, we also use methods of hot enamel and EPOL that are known very long time.

Regardless of the sketch ready copies for giving them a catchy color, gloss, covered with colored enamels, a thin layer of gold, silver, nickel, decorated with stones engraved. The client receives a truly original, beautiful, exciting product which can be worn as a gift or element of corporate uniforms.

Apart from the icons, all of our customers to offer the Consulate to the same coin — sports, souvenir, gift, anniversary, desktop, on tape or on the block. Creation icons in Surgut, Moscow and other towns are now very often use for greetings labor veterans, and partners. In the development of virtually every unusual layout of our company participates. With all of this we are trying to account for all: the wishes of the customer, and the specific topic medals, the estimated budget. Therefore, not only is selected to develop the production, and the material also embodiments decoration, which may be present in exclusive.

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