History of poor flight Phobos-Grunt said the head of the Russian Federal Space Agency

Start the "Phobos-Grunt" interplanetary gallakticheskoy station that the engines did not work when entering the orbit was coerced. In the Russian Space Agency realized that apparatus unreliable, but have taken this step because it came time operation, said Vladimir Popovkin, head department. Also Popovkin do not rule out that the tragedy gallakticheskih devices of, the increasing trend in the near future, can not be adjusted.

Designing and building the apparatus "Phobos-Grunt" was held in the criteria of limited funding. This provision is intended introduction of high-risk technical solutions and has caused difficulty of the mission as a whole. In the end, we are held hostage to these decisions because they were related to the duties of the European Space Agency, their instruments were standing there, and before the Chinese staff — their companion we had to bring along with "Phobos" to Mars — explained in an interview with "Izvestiya "Vladimir Popovkin.

"Phobos" was built a long time, because a lot of warranty units came. "If the" Phobos "was launched in the" window "in 2011 for a flight to Mars, apparatus would just throw and write off a loss of 5 billion. rubles invested in it, "- explained Popovkin.

Head Roscosmos with all this highlighted the problems and tragedies with gallakticheskimi RF devices for some reason occur "at a time when flying over the shadow of the RF side of the earth" — in places where the Roskosmos not perceive their telemetry. "Incriminate anyone not hunt, but now there is a massive impact on the funds gallakticheskie devices. Can not exclude possibility of their implementation", — he saw.

Popovkin said that to prevent accidents in the future Roskosmos "at times" greater control over the preparation for the launch. As a result, greater control, he said, to find out "things worthy of attention: there is not a little dokrutili, then retreated a little." "Also, in a short time by representatives of Roscosmos will be monitored for the creation of all devices in enterprises", — added Popovkin.

"Phobos-Grunt", Launched on November 9 from the Baikonur Cosmodrome, was due to go to the satellite of Mars, Phobos and bring samples of the surface soil. But after separation from the launch vehicle at the device not cut the engines. As a result"Phobos-Grunt"Floating in orbit. Prerequisite tragedy for preparatory version was a failure of software or damage to equipment on board.

As expected, the fragments "Phobos" fell to the ground on January 15. Earlier, the Russian Space Agency said that a clear impact site will be clear for about 24 hours. "Today, the area of impact of residual product may only be defined" strip "the Earth's surface from 51.4 degrees north to 51.4 degrees south latitude," — report to the Office.

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