History of the 1st myth about Suvorov

Canonical first prerequisite opals Suvorov is considered to be the fact that he did not agree with the military reforms of Paul I and went on to coach fighter on their own.

Not so long ago, in the program "Hour of Truth" I heard another version, have not been previously met — he says that Paul first was unhappy with the fact that Suvorov during training march for 20 miles of the 200 companies in the man remained 40 man, while others were "medical losses". According to "Wikipedia", "medical losses" — a category of loss of personnel of military units during the fighting. Among the sanitary losses cut one servicemen who lost their combat capability and have been evacuated in the healing institution for more than one day as a result of wounds, injuries, contusions, disease, frostbite.

Intrigued, I began to find the web for information.

At first, came across an article
Yu Veremeeva "In defense of Emperor Paul I», where there was such an excerpt here:

Could I adore Paul General, who at a daily rate of march 20 miles (100 miles per week) led the fighter to do in 10 days, 500 miles in 1798 only in order to amaze with their "miracle heroes" Austrian court, the general who led the fighter for 36 hours to make a march of 80 miles in the hot and very hot in the sun is required for anyone in Russia is not suitable victory in a personal battle.

Yes, I'm talking about the majestic military commander Alexander Suvorov, who is marching in each company survived by 40 fighter out of 200.

So, here we are talking about 1798 — when the Suvorov had returned from exile, and Veremeev claims that it was not the loss of health, and people died. But can you imagine for yourself, so that healthy rural men who made up the army then, so here's a merle in such large numbers is not on the battlefield, but only on the most- march-Shot? Continue to find more and that's what we find:

An excerpt from the article by Alexander Mikaberidze "Lion of the Russian Army" about Bagration:

June 6 in the afternoon came the news that McDonald stormed the Austrians (General Ott) on the river. Tidone. Suvorov immediately took the avant-garde of the Cossack regiments, Austrian dragoons and together with Bagration led them to the battlefield. At three in the day or it was already there and dashing cavalry charge detained head of French avant-garde to the infantry. When she appeared, Bagration came up to Suvorov and apparently did not understand for themselves the significance of a moment in a low voice asked him to postpone the attack until a suitable backward, as in the companies and not 40. Suvorov replied in his ear: "And there is no McDonald's, and 20, the assault with God! Hurrah!" Bagration obeyed. The troops knocked together on the enemy and threw her into his bolshennom mess for Tidone.

It looks like, here it is, the original source — the same 40 people in the company. The only other not perish, but have lagged behind. In the end of this myth, we have set forth above, and a 2-variations.

In general, it should be noted that Suvorov people ashore. Here, for example, the well-known passage of his "words of edification soldiers": "Who does not take care of people — arresting officer, non-commissioned officer and corporal rods, sticks and of itself, who does not protect himself.". It is understood that Suvorov in his letters lamented the huge losses in the capture of Ishmael. Meanwhile, the number of those killed, according to various estimates, ranging from 2 to 4 thousand man while the total number of Russian troops in 31 a thousand, in other words, from 6.5% to 13%, which, in general, is quite small. This is despite the fact that until 1790 was considered an impregnable fortress of Izmail, which in the course of Russian-Turkish war of 1787-1792 years. Suvorov tried to take three times and all three times unsuccessfully.

If we were talking about the disgrace of Suvorov, it should be mentioned and a second suicide.

The formal reason for it was that the Italian and Swiss campaigns Suvorov kept for himself with the general of what was supposed to have only monarch. Modern historians believe that the real reason was different. As of the 1st of the options offered one that Suvorov knew about the "Smolensk conspiracy" against Paul *, but did not report.

* "Smolensk conspiracy" — existed in the years 1797-1798. anti-government circle of the number of officers stationed in the province regiments, local government officials, civilians and retired military persons.

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