Hocus-pocus. Magical mystery watch online

Hocus-pocus.  Magical mystery watch online
"Dreams and Nightmares" — the so-called show-known South American magician David Copperfield, which is the first time he gives in Moscow. Nail applets — a unique flight. When performing this trick, David leaves the scene and freely floating above it. Even the most attentive viewers can see: no technical means and special devices Copperfield does not use.

Newspapers are full of headlines about the levitation and the paranormal. Himself Copperfield with disarming sincerity calls himself a sorcerer. Guesses, what is the secret of the illusionist, a lot, but there is no clear-cut answer for anybody.

Desire fly freely, as in a dream — a magical dream population. But at all times, people passionately lusted move objects at will, simultaneously move any distance, freed from the shackles of tight materialize out of thin air, and everything that your heart desires. Common sense and life itself often reminded people about the futility of similar desires, but it was not possible to eradicate the dream.

Jugglers, magicians, sorcerers

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