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In ancient times, almost all the people were convinced of the existence of a vast underground world. Hades, the ancient Greeks, the Sheol of the Jews, the Buddhists Agartha, Svartalvheym in Norman … The list could go on.

Even in modern times there was a so-called hollow Earth theory, which asserts that there are extensive underground inhabited worlds, and perhaps even the inner light. Among its supporters were so great minds like Edmond Halley and Leonhard Euler. But the greatest public interest theory was destined to find a man with a very literary name Bender.

During the First World War on the Western front in the German aviatsionnyhsoedineny fought a lieutenant Peter Bender. In one of the air battles of his airplane was shot down, and the German pilot was taken prisoner by the French. It is hard to tell you if Bender in plane crash head injury, later had an effect on his mental capacity, but in any case, staying in a camp for prisoners of war had nothing to do pilot was avidly read occult literature. Among other things, he fell into the hands of several popular books on korehizma.

Korehizmom called theory or doctrine, developed by the American physicist Cyrus Tidom. It mingled such radical ideas like communism, alchemy, the belief in reincarnation and celibacy. This "brilliant" concept came up Tidu once during one of the laboratory experiments, he received a strong electric shock.

When he regained consciousness, he realized that people live on the inner surface of a certain sphere within which the sun is shining artificial, created by ancient creatures. Stars and other astronomical objects — a consequence of refraction of its light, and the force of gravity — this is only the centrifugal force resulting from the rotation of the sphere.

His own question, what evidence we have is that the Earth is not hollow, Teed said, "We have no evidence — either direct or indirect. On the contrary, shows that it is hollow. " When Cyrus Teed died from a beating in a fight, the members of his religious community have decided that it is sure to be reborn. They put his body in the bathroom and held there for a few days — as long as the health service is not forced to betray their decomposing body ground.

The universe inside the stone, the stone in the Universe

Pilot and prisoner acquainted with the work of another apologist hollow Earth theory — Marshall Gardner. As a result of this exciting reading in the mind of Lieutenant own theory was born, in a most peculiar manner consistent with the idea of the curvature of space. On the basis of the material studied Peter Bender has come to the firm conclusion that our universe is contained in the enormous size stone. The value of this stone is simply beyond description. On all sides it is surrounded by a layer of air of different-sized atmosphere that the distance from the cliff gradually diluted to an absolute vacuum.

And at the center of this unimaginably huge stone is a kind of spherical mass of primordial matter, which gave life to the space, causing it to rotate around itself. Around the world in a sort of primordial gas bubble turns our planet Earth, a little sun and the moon. All the rest of the space "bubble" is completely filled with a cloud of gas which has a bluish color, riddled with silver sequins. — That the Earth and its inhabitants take over stars, shining in the sky.

The change of seasons on our planet depends on the position of the stars relative to the central ball first mother. Just place the solar and lunar eclipses. One of the cornerstones of the theory of Bender was the assertion that the light rays fall on the Earth is not vertically, and are on quite a trajectory. But the infrared rays are clearly in a straight line. In this regard, as the authors of the theory, we constantly get completely distorted picture of the true structure of the universe, but we accept it as the only right one.

This false belief is extremely tenacious, simply because no one could think of before, seeming to question the obvious.

Hard to tell, by what criteria the theory of the former military pilot has received recognition in the Third Reich, but it has become so popular that it even included in the school curriculum. That's what attracted her bosses National Socialism has always remained a mystery. This is all the more strange, because there were many well-educated people who have completed the world-renowned universities.

Rise and Fall

Be that as it may, the theory has become extremely fashionable. Bender received from the authorities of all kinds of goods and became something of a founder of a new scientific school, manager and consultant to a number of secret projects. Not being a member of the Nazi Party, and, by and large, being in thrall of their own fantasies, very specific theorist could not comprehend that sooner or later it will certainly require from the practical results that can be used in the military field.

Then one day the creator of the theory of a hollow earth once invited "up" and demanded a specific return on its umopostroeny. Peter Bender hesitantly said that based on the hypothesis of a curved space, you can try to find clusters of infrared equipment of the enemy, but it is necessary to define the most appropriate point of curved space. This point, in his opinion, is located in the Baltic Sea island of Rügen.

The SS took up the case in a matter of weeks and have created a secret project for the realization of which have attracted more and renowned expert in infrared technology Heinz Fischer.

The idea was to look from the island of Rügen with the help of infrared rays on the main base of the British fleet at Scapa Flow. In April 1942, Fisher and equipment arrived on the island and began to try to get on the "curved space" in Scapa: Flow. in order to see the British fleet in the bay. However, all attempts have failed.

Bender sent to the jumble into one of kontsetratsionnyh camp, where he died. According to witnesses in the camp of ex-pilot looked polupomeshannym. He constantly kept talking about his theories, obsessively talking about the development of their own hypotheses and new revelations of giant fields, balls and principles of mirror reflections. Said something about "the children mirrored the gods" who built an absolutely amazing universes. But it has no one took seriously, and almost no one listened.

UFOs and mirror worlds

Amazing theory Bender gradually disappeared, kanuv into oblivion. In the forties, shortly after the war in Germany has produced some pamphlets on the subject of sex structure of the Earth, but soon forgot all about the fantasies of an accident Bender. However, the books on the same subject appeared later. For example, in 1969, a work by the ocean "Hollow Earth", supposedly written by a certain Dr. Raymond Bernard. The author was a pioneer, "registered" under the surface of our planet and the UFO yet.

But even before the publication of his creations doctor disappeared in the caves of South America, which gave confidence to his fans that he himself managed to get to the underworld. And exactly twenty years later, a book by Walter Kafton-Minkelya tricky with the name "Underground Worlds: 100,000 years of dragons, dwarfs, the dead, the missing races and UFO in the bowels of the Earth."

History of the pilot who died in a concentration camp has another sequel. Already towards the end of XX century, the famous Soviet theorist Professor Joseph Samuilovich Shklovsky introduced the concept of the mirror universe with parallel spaces, compressible under the laws of reflection so that the inside of a spherical cavity of itself to another area, often even greater in magnitude. At the same planet, the same Earth, can be hidden mirror Earth-2, significantly surpassing the original. And where are we in fact live in, is not yet known. This concept has sparked great interest in the world's scientific community, but few people remembered the former military pilot named Bender.

Andrew Chin

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