Homo sapiens entered Europe via Russia

The find was discovered in the Crimea in the parking lot Buran-Kaya

In Ukraine, there are the remains of Homo sapiens, which dates back to the age of 32 thousand years. Age finds was determined by radiocarbon analysis. If these data are correct, then found the remains of Homo sapiens — the oldest in Eastern Europe.

The find was discovered in the Crimea in the parking lot Buran-Kaya, were found there: tools, teeth, bones, carved ivory, and the remains of antelopes, hares and foxes.

The study is published in PLoS ONE.

Buran-Kaya caves were first discovered in 1991 by Alexander Yanevichem. According to reports, so far, archaeologists have discovered two hundred fragments of human bones.

Tools of the researchers attributed to gravettskoy culture that was prevalent throughout Europe in the 28-21 thousand years BC

Sandrine Prat — the representative of the French National Center for Scientific Research said that the bones found in the parking lot were finely crushed, as if someone intentionally broke them, in addition, the long bones were very much scratched. However, the bones of animals such marks were not, but have been removed all the bone marrow, whereas in human bones, he was not touched.

Sandrine Prat believes that such treatment of human bones could be the result of "the rite of purification" and it has nothing to do with cannibalism.

It should be noted that the Buran-Kaya — proof of penetration in Europe, the modern human species from Russia. Previously it was believed that Homo sapiens came to the area from the Balkans.

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