How do you element in feng shui?


Feng shui refers people to the five key elements. The five elements of feng shui — water, fire, wood, metal and earth. In contrast to the signs of the zodiac, these elements are not connected with the person simply on the basis of date of birth. An experienced, well-versed in the system of feng shui, the element will determine the person on grounds such as temperament and appearance of the home.

So, people love Metal everything is expensive, branded, exclusive. They pride themselves on their income, like to show how far we have achieved in life. You should not regard this as a disadvantage, because their status, these people tend to earn hard work. By temperament differ corrosive, high thoroughness, thoughtfulness. Always bring the follow through.

Fire people have an explosive temper — they can make a trifle. However, emotions are changing rapidly: now they are angry, and after 10 minutes they rolled with laughter. Fire promotes character development of rapid and energetic, eager for change. Housing such people tend to be complicated — with bay windows, columns, frescoes, etc.

People Water — the exact opposite of the people of Fire. It's quiet, calm, even somewhat sluggish in temperament creation. And in the homes they have always something undone, not completed. But the owners are not in a hurry to finish the job.

People Tree above all value personal space and freedom. You can not force them to sit from morning till night in cramped offices, turning over documents. They are creative characters who experience the pleasure of opportunities to go somewhere or fly a change of scenery. At home they are reminiscent of transfer points — you can feel that the owners or have just come from somewhere, or somewhere to go.

Finally, the people of Earth — the most common type. The friendly, thrifty, neat, above all, which put the reliability and practicality. Run their households with pleasure, appreciate the warmth, family and trusted friends. The house they had everything in place.

Once you know your part, you will be able to furnish your home with the right items the expert in feng shui and to achieve success and prosperity.

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