How to Build a man to watch

How to Build a man to watch
We go to extraordinary journey, the journey to the inner space, the world of our own. Specifically, there is our future, inside each of us. Until now, it was impossible to move around the tiny universe or even its right to behold, in every cell has DNA which is the basis for the creation of at least some living creature.

01. Forever young / Forever young about the origin of human life

Elixir of youth, the drug, the effect of which can turn back time, it seemed unreal. In the many years heard allegations that it has found such a tool, but no one found … to this day or. First, the 21st century, we are finally opening its secrets prolonging life.

02. Prophecy / Predictor about the secrets of DNA

Imagine a world in which we were able to look into your own future developments exploring our genes, a world in which the machine could explore all the genetic information contained in a single drop of blood and provide details of our current path from birth to death.

03. Secrets of the floor / The secret of sex thoroughly describes the body Ladies and Men

04. Creation / Creation of a youth sozhronit

A man and his features

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