How to survive in todays materialistic world in information war

(Against the Darkness. Episode 5. Rusichi Tips wakes.)

1. Tempers and exercise your body, do not relax. This is pleasing to the gods. This also gets rid of depression, depression is a fraud awareness. Ill spirit — Get the body. It should give yourself a physical activity, have a run — and the perception of the world changes, come new solutions of urgent problems. Thoughts come to you, depending on the tone of the body. Remember that.

2. Watch your language. Cleanse it of unnecessary foreign terms that have counterparts in the native language, so do not grab any new and vulgar terms. No, he explained to a floor, each explains it all to the end of ordinary words. Clean your tongue — the purity of the gods.

Save your mate as to the correct hour. Matt — this (kind of) household Russian magic. At the right moment, he adds strength and in mate — sacred essence. When it becomes unbearable — you can curse, and feel energized. In the rush did not swear. Swearing on trifles powerless. Learn in silence to listen and understand what others are saying. No foul language is not easily angered, do not panic. Remember, there are evil spirits that this of you just waiting to ease your spirit.

3. Offer you, for example, tools for weight loss or dandruff shampoo — do not take it. This is often to the detriment of the health and always to the detriment of pocket. Buy a bag of wheat, soaked grains and eat sprouted. It is cheaper and more useful any modern means of weight loss. Dandruff? To rub into wet hair salt. Of course, this is not very convenient, but more effective than any proprietary funds. All of this — old folk remedies, which did not say on TV.


Remember, much of what you are trying to impose advertising really is not necessary. Our ancestors did without it easy to get around. Therefore it is worth to look in the book of folk recipes, herbalists. Then you will closer to the ancestors, will healthier. We — all you need — given our land.

4. Love and cultivate the land — get the opportunity to dig in the garden, touch her hands, clean of weeds. Earth is alive. She will take from you all excess spiritual garbage. The soul will be cleaner. Do not regret the time spent in the cultivation of the land. Are more frequent in good wood, he flesh of the earth.




5. Know the history of their land and honor the gods of the land. Read the history books on ancient. As a rule, the authors are deeply studied our history and tradition, and gave it as a book available. For the same purpose, and read folk tales, the soul of the people in them, they pagan memory.



6. Abase not thyself of wealth. If, for example, you were in torn boots of fatliquoring of Bentley, podymi head and straightened her shoulders. See clearly. For you are your ancestors, are the Millennium tradition and culture. And they instantly appeared, as quickly and disappear. Years for the Earth — a brief moment.




Remember, your soul, mind, heart, lungs, organs of sense — you can not create for any wealth. Some of them can steal and sell, but to grow and create no rights and all the people — not. You even naked and hungry, you still are a miracle. And you any advantage over the enriched — negligible. It should always be remembered. That perception of nature, which you have to have faith, you can not buy or sell. It is the unexpended value.

If you have lost money, a job, an apartment, the last shirt, but kept the faith and remember the tradition, then you've lost not much. If we got the money, a job, an apartment, clothes, and lost the faith and tradition, it means you have lost almost everything.

7. The media tend to delight you by other countries. Love your ground and do not look for happiness in a foreign land.


Ask to vote — do not vote, do not go to the site, if not personally know the candidate as a decent and honest man … Do not believe those who say that, because you will come to power villains. Media negated objective choice. Why fool yourself? Why sit down to play with sharpers?

8. Start a family and have children — it must be done. And children grow up on their traditions. It is your responsibility to faith. To raise and educate children — is the imperative of the gods.




Then children need to maintain and continue into the future your spiritual self-identity — that it is your Rod is his spiritual values inherited your land. But feed their children — it is the mundane task. If you think that we should not have children because they will have nothing to feed, and that there is no free housing — you forget that your parents-gods remember you. Life shows that kormeshka attached — gods do not forget your children. The main thing that children are born and grow up healthy. It depends on your way of life, and on whom you choose to wife. In this you have to work hard, but it is your duty, for her gods rewarded in this life.

Take care of your children's health. To comprehend this useful knowledge. Do not feed them any overseas cyborg food, and feed them cabbage and buckwheat. Let the kids will not be wearing a fashionable, but may be healthy. And take care of your health too. You need him healthy and not sick.



9. Now in our country is almost impossible to establish any material value, but you can go to work the distributor, manager, salesperson — to resell the goods.



Who went to resale — degenerates, loses heart. To avoid this, learn to work with your hands alone. Masters the traditional crafts. If you can produce something useful for everyday life — productivity. Try to sell it to others from this and had a good and fun. Although it is more difficult than resale, but there are many more life meaning.

10. Priests and missionaries impose your faith. Do not believe them. They are all corrupt. They duped and dehumanizes people. Believe as the soul orders. Dictatorship of those who frightens and crushes faith are not accepted. Do they want to build you into Heaven? Remember, no one truly great God will not punish you for a mistaken belief. Punishment can only come for the wicked deeds and dirty thoughts. Our land is right what is right for our tradition. And not traditionally a land where other people come to us gods.


11. If you Rusich, you're a warrior — participant of the great battle for life. World focuses on you, and like you. All your wounds just seem personal. In fact, they secretly tied the whole creation, and your mother-land.

This is not your greatness — the way the world. Find your place in the world for his spirit to find his spirit — matter. This case should be constructive for the spirit to grow. Get away from the place where you should not be and Come back to where you belong. When did that, you manage to get into Darna (a state of harmony with the world.) Then you will look at the horrors of existence without a quiver, then you will a great warrior spirit.

Skips past the culture of consumerism and vice — let the water flow advertising, yellow newspapers, pulp books, base films — all this is just depressing and unbridled desire to consume. Do not look TV series — it is a TV gum, cloud the mind. All of this is full of stupidity, bezsmysletsey … spend time on more useful things.

Do not wear clothes with the flags of foreign powers. If odezhka seems comfortable — srezh from her overseas signs and flags. Do not buy foreign foods. Our products and tastier.

12. If possible, be happy. Man sent to Earth to fight, but not to suffer.

Holidays are arranged not only for the sake of the mysteries and sacraments. They have an entertainment piece that some serious people incorrectly called profane. Joy — it is not profanity. Pure joy is pleasing to the gods, because the holidays are our natural faith. Joy prolongs life, allow what seemed irreconcilable, removes the weight of the inevitable.




In the holiday merrymaking actively participate. For who will move more and play, that will be the best and at a party, and after. And the evil from the indent. So says the wisdom of thousands of years.

13. Knowledge — force. Learn new things from books and conversations with intelligent people. Clever often with claims of superiority. Manage to forgive him for it, and take from it the good work that you can take.






Try new things. Well, when the idea to business leads. Mind is not marking time, look for him new ways of movement. Look for people who are smarter than you are, or know how what you can do. Learn from them, critically conceptualize everything they say. Mind, soul, body — must be all the time at work.

Without thinking hireyut soul and mind, especially in urban areas. There are lots of people who have died alive. Outwardly, they seem to be alive: work, eat, talk, but do it all automatically, not a single new idea they not born, nothing useful not increase, and so will be up to the physical death. Fear that fate.

14. Study the technical achievements of the West. Values of our culture, our spirituality is not confined to material things. In matters of home appliances, information and communications Western countries have gone far beyond us. It must be admitted, but for us it is not a defining system of values. We have the spirit, our earth and our Gods.

Lead in this area has on us, not only economic, but also cultural and psychological pressure. In particular, the West does not respect us for that reason. If life is faced with the need to work with foreign technology and "in the dialogue with the West," we must endeavor to do so at the level of their standards and samples. It is also a matter of self-respect. Only in this case, people in the West are beginning to realize that we are capable of much more than they originally thought.

Almost all of the above can be done without spending money, it just takes some effort of will, without which we can not survive. For a healthy person, this tension soon becomes enjoyable (as fizzaryadka) because it gives life meaning. This is the tension that results in Darna. It is this tension will allow life to fight for our land. That's about it to be asked of our gods, koi are immortal, looking at us from heaven and want to not only respect and honor, but the victory over evil in the spirit. First — in the spirit. And in the spirit of victory and the victory will come into being. And it will. Otherwise — not to be …

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