Human survival in the wild and lonely

Dick Preneke at age 51 decided to leave civilization and try to live alone in the wild in one year.
Well once again return to the wild, where everything comes into the world, I was alone, just me and the animals. It's a great feeling, I re free to plan and act as I please, no boundaries exist, my dream is to implement.

Building a new life in this hollow valley, known as the Twin Lakes, Dick not only wrote daily notes jotted in his journal, but also took off his Alyasskuyu ODIs with the aid of cameras on Trinoga.

This is a video about the amazing man who lived alone in Alaska more than 30 years. His construction skills, hard work, ingenuity and striking in its simplicity and genius! If all the current settlers have the same skills, then anyone could build a house alone without electricity and gasoline-powered tools in a matter of days.

Dick Preneke after living in the house a year, decided to stay in it, and lived alone in the wilderness for another 35 years! Carefully documenting their lives on the lakes until 1998. At the age of 82 years, Dick decided that the 45-degree frosts have become too burdensome for him, and it was time to leave his wild. Dick formally handed over his house and farm, the National Park Service.

Now his house is guarded as a historical monument, but Dick can return to it whenever desired. And even if he can not repeat such trip, his spirit will always live in perfect felled crowns of the house.

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