Hurricane Irene American eyes

The disaster in the south-eastern United States has become the most discussed topic in the last week

News about struck the southeastern U.S. Hurricane Irene became the most popular over the last week. Along with this came the internet quite a lot of video clips dedicated to disaster. Some users have tried ever need to show not only the effects of the disaster, but also encourage the victims of the disaster.

For example, one of the residents of New York, has decided to support the victims of Hurricane Irene, removing the video on their bicycles walk.

Some found the disaster more reason to party. Residents of one of the American cities have decided to use the pools as "sliding cover" for a small flash mob.

Perhaps the most original video about Hurricane Irene, came from two filmmakers from Buffalo Picture House, which are considered in the disaster real art.

And someone showed universal way to get around the flooded city. The following video was an excellent proof that adapt to any "whims of nature" is not difficult. For example, you can use a water scooter.

Even the astronauts from the International Space Station do not miss the opportunity to shoot video of hurricane from space and to demonstrate how big he has achieved.

Finally, one of the users of video sharing YouTube nick jeremiahjw presented an educational video where he explains the principle on which scientists give names to hurricanes and tropical storms.

Ekaterina Tkachenko

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