Hurricane Katia is strengthened, then weakened

Atlantic hurricane "Kate," at this time, a little lost force and weakened to the third category of the energy of hurricanes out of 5. Although it is still the morning of his power reached 4 degrees.

According to the U.S. National Hurricane Center, the hurricane "Kate, in a zone where winds reach speeds over 200 km / h, is currently at 625 km. South of the Bahamas.

It should be noted that the hurricane "Kate" still morning sped up to 215 kilometers per hour, and reached category 4 hurricane power of a possible 5.

According to meteorologists, "Kate", and can not get to the mainland, but even in this case, the U.S. East Coast expect strong winds and heavy surf.

On the International Space Station NASA instruments continuously record the behavior of the hurricane "Kate" from space. In addition to the scientific value of this video is also very beautiful.

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