Hurricane Katrina could be back in the Atlantic under the name Kate

Hurricane "Katrina" could return to the Atlantic under the name "Kate"Tropical depression (low pressure area) was formed in the east and the Atlantic Ocean on Tuesday evening could turn into a tropical storm, according to the National Hurricane Warning Center.
If, according to weather forecasters, the storm formed, he is given the name "Kate". It replaced the list of names in constant storms and hurricanes infamous "Katrina", said the Associated Press.
For the Atlantic basin hurricane, there are six alphabetical lists — each of the 21 named — who are six years in a row, and then repeat. If a hurricane is particularly devastating, the name given to it, is deleted from the list and replaced by another. Thus, the name "Katrina" forever removed from the list of meteorologists.
"Katrina" was the most destructive hurricane in U.S. history. In 2005, the elements in this country claimed the lives of nearly two thousand people, and almost completely destroyed the city of New Orleans in Louisiana.
Currently future storm "Kate" is 740 kilometers southwest of the island republic of Cape Verde and moving to the northwest at an average speed of 24 kilometers per hour. Wind gusts in the area of depression reach 55 miles per hour.
Tropical storms are named when the speed of an accompanying wind reaches 62 miles per hour. Storm becomes a hurricane when wind speed exceeds 119 kilometers per hour.
Last weekend on the east coast of the U.S. hit a tropical storm "Irene". His victims were 38 people, and the damage, according to experts, could reach $ 20 billion.

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