Hurricane Lee reached Louisiana

Tropical Storm "Lee" reached the U.S. state of Louisiana. Element brought down to the coastal areas of strong winds and heavy precipitation. As reported by energy company serving the region "Entergy", in the morning hours in New Orleans and its suburbs were without electricity for more than 35 thousand customers. Power outages occurred in the interior of the country.

As meteorologists warned, soon the weather conditions in the region will only get worse. Massive storm band moves with low speed of about 9 kilometers per hour, and therefore capable of causing great harm to the staff. Now the epicenter of "Lee", in which the wind speed is about 100 kilometers per hour, is 72 kilometers to the southwest of Morgan City. According to the forecasts of the Centre for the Observation of hurricane storm reached the epicenter of Louisiana in the next few hours, and then turn east toward New Orleans. As expected, "Lee" will bring the southern state of more than 25 centimeters of rain, causing severe flooding.

Observers warn that the consequences of "Lee" can be very significant for the region, which is still not recovered from the hurricane "Katrina" in 2005 and the recent oil spill from BP's deposit. "Lee" has already brought substantial losses of the oil industry in the Gulf. Due to the threat posed by the storm, was discontinued operation thirds of offshore platforms and many refineries on the coast.

Last weekend on the East Coast of the U.S. Hurricane "Irene" that has caused the deaths of at least 40 people. According to the forecasts of meteorologists, all this season region expects 8.6 hurricanes, half of which will reach the third category of the five-point Saffir-Simpson scale, according


Storm Lee left without electricity 15 thousand people

WASHINGTON, Sept. 4. Tropical Storm "Lee" landfall Louisiana, pretty weak, but managed to cause temporary blackouts for thousands of people.

Information on casualties yet, only reported that several thousand people were evacuated from low-lying areas near the coast.

As of Sunday at 05:00 MSK, the center of the storm was located about 90 km south-west of Lafayette (Louisiana), and moved in a northwesterly direction at a speed of 6 km / h The speed of wind gusts reached 75 km / h, RIA "Novosti" with reference to the AP.

In Louisiana, emergency services announced the threat of tornadoes. Storm warning is valid in coastal states from Texas to Mississippi. At present, convey "Vesti", rescuers reinforce dykes and embankments, since the probability of flooding is still high.

According to the energy company Entergy, earlier Saturday, about 37 thousand people lost their light because of the storm, but within a few hours of electricity supply for more than half of that number has been restored. Another company Cleco Corp reported a 3.5 thousand customers who were without electricity.

Forecasters predict that the storm for a few hours, "pour" on the Gulf Coast up to 30 inches of rain.

Earlier it was reported that oil and gas companies have evacuated more than 55% of its oil rigs and platforms in the Gulf, fearing that "Lee" may "hit" on him.

As previously wrote "Rosbalt", "Lee" was the 12th of the current Atlantic hurricane season storm, which was named after.

A week ago, on the east coast of the U.S. hit a tropical storm "Irene." Victims of natural disasters are 38 people. According to experts, the damage from the hurricane could reach $ 20 billion


Storm Lee hit New Orleans

Be alert, calls Mayor Mitch Landrieu

A storm named "Lee" hit New Orleans on the night of September 4, according to Reuters. Certain parts of the city were flooded, authorities are preparing for the worst.

In a major tourist and commercial center of the southern United States has dropped more than 20 inches of rain. The wind speed is 50 kilometers per hour. From different regions come the news of the sinking of houses and roads. System of dams, designed to protect the city from the disaster, operates intermittently.

The city authorities have urged residents of New Orleans remain vigilant. "Do not sleep in a storm" — advises citizens Mayor Mitch Landrieu. Storm warning was introduced in the southern city on Saturday and will run another 36 hours.

A tropical storm has caused fatalities in the U.S. south. The island Gelvstona Texas claimed the raging sea shore 34-year-old man, who was later found dead. For information on other victims of elements specified.

Shortly before the "Lie" on the coast of the Eastern United States was hit by Hurricane "Irene." U.S. President Barack Obama imposed a state of emergency in the state of New Jersey. In New York, was declared the evacuation of two neighboring states of emergency regime acted for several days.

Thanks to the coordinated work of American rescue and meteorologists great sacrifices and losses avoided. This gave journalists a reason to declare "Irene" the perfect storm.


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