I escaped death / I Escaped Death (Escaped) watch online

I escaped death / I Escaped Death (Escaped) watch online
Any series of the television series knows about people who had to go to prison in real life and how they got loose. Each series — the story of a living person, which went through this horror, including malehankih boy with a broken, a lady with a mutilated face and a Russian lady who came to America for freedom and fallen into the hands of a maniac. You will witness interviews with fugitives, FBI agents will listen to comments and honey workers.

Series 1 "Abduction" / "Obsessed Kidnapper"

Karen Kammerer kidnaps her last fancy man. She manages to throw a series of notes which should assist to find her.

Series 2 "sniper's wife" / "The Sniper's Wife"

Spouse threatened to kill Mildred Muhammad, and she had run together with the children. His experience gave him a sniper merit.

Series 3 "Kill Cult" / "Cult Massacre"

In 1978, the People's Temple of Jim Jones in Guyana lived about 1000 man. One brave lady and her family were able to create a plan of escape.

Series 4 "snow storm" / "Backcountry Blizzard"

Having decided to ride a snowboard, hockey last Olympian Eric Lemark get lost in the mountains. In order to survive, he will have to come to grips with the mother nature.

Series 5 "Torture in the suburbs" / "Torture in Suburbia"

In 1995, thirteen-year-Thad Phillips captured and tortured an unknown man. Look at how he managed to run, when he was a robber

Series 6 "Sexy slave in the Heartland" / "Sex Slave In The Heartland

Nineteen year old Kate was kidnapped and forced into prostitution. Look at how she managed to run of its ferocious captors.

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