If the president has three thousand guards, he was not interested in people

Yaroslav Romanchuk refused protection, which invited him to the police after the vehicle candidate was in a car accident. Is there a guard at the other presidential candidates?

Yaroslav Romanchuk

December 17 during a press conference for foreign journalists presidential candidate Yaroslav Romanchuk said that he refused the protection offered by the police. The proposal to give the candidate Romanchuk security guard at the time of elections by the Department of the Interior Ministry after the accident, in which a vehicle hit a presidential candidate in the Gomel region, said, "Freedom," the head of the electoral staff of the candidate Lev Margolin. Mr. Margolin was interested in at the head of the Department of Mr Buinovsko causes of offers — all of a sudden the police know of plotting the assassination of a candidate?

"He said that no information is present, but you know, it was a traffic accident, so we have decided to offer these services free of charge. But we thought it would be nice not very different from the other candidates, thanks for the offer and refused this honorable service. "

Some assistance to travel around the country Yaroslav Romanchuk Activists have its headquarters. But the guards can not be called, all done in a friendly manner, said Lev Margolin.

Victor Tereshchenko

Victor Tereshchenko recently hired a new driver — the car of the presidential candidate had been deliberately as he believes damaged brakes and air bag. The candidate does not blame anyone, but in the accident damage does not believe:

"For there to do so, you need to clearly know such a car. And I have an American, "Dodge Caravan", a minivan. You need to know which wires to pull. In case the brakes do not work, I'm going forward, udarayusya and the pillow does not work. This is a deliberate act. Therefore, both the drivers fired and hired another person. "

In this case, hiring a security guard Victor Tereshchenko did not, and protect him from the police, as opposed to Yaroslav Romanchuk, nobody offered.

Vitaly Rymashevski

At the end of the election campaign has received a proposal to protect andVitaly Rymashevski. His guard were taken in connection with the incident in Buda-Koshelev area when the car towards the candidate left the intruder rules. Mr. Rymashevski said he was not against it, but prevented the bureaucratic rules:

"They called again, but the conditions have begun, write a statement that needs protection. What a statement, we are not asked to protect themselves? Want to — let go with us, guarded. In short, we did not see them and will not see, can be seen. "

Vitaly Rymashevski says several times in meetings with voters against him were organized provocation, he believes, with the knowledge of the authorities. "It would be better stsishyli their provocateurs" — says Rymashevski.

The press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs correspondent of "Freedom" was told that to get a free security guard at the time of the election, it was necessary to write a statement. Were wanting, I asked the head of the press service Constantine Shalkevich:

Gregory Kastusyou

"Each of the candidates had the opportunity to take advantage of the right to health, but neither took advantage."

Why candidates do not go to the police for protection? The candidate of the Popular Front Gregory Kastusyou answered for himself:

"Such a problem is to protect me, no. The president should be accessible to the people. If the president has three thousand guards, people are not interested in him. "



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