If you're not on the Square — so you do not have at all

Society Rather, it is the last siege in the current year and the decade that has come to an end. After all, tomorrow at seven in the evening I, along with other bloggers, I plan to join in the Railway Square to Vital Rymasheuski and Statkevich, and stay on the street for as long as the will to endure a protest against the autocracy. Watch them from a safe distance from the monitor if possible to go out and take a personal part in the protest feel shameful. For non-participation are only a few justifiable reasons: 1) the wholehearted support of the dictatorial course, and 2) the lack of physical capacity to be present, and 3) the availability of its own political strategy that does not include the democratization of European models. The rest, as in my opinion, absurd excuses.

(Got a propaganda postcard to tell the truth blogger genosse_u)

December 19: REVIEW OF THAT LIVE left on our land

His reluctance to participate in the protest on December 19 those who do not support the dictatorship, are interested in the democratization of society on European models, and could be physically present on the area, but did not want to do that more often explain allegedly knowingly hopelessness of the event:

"There is a type of torture is torture hope. This is it … All tortured each other. Deceive themselves and others, "live Belarus" talk. Belarus is dead, actually. " (lukashyk)

This correspondence is responsible mikalaj_achyzha:

"Padbrehichy scare community water cannons, the fate of General Karbysheva (imagine — Central Square, which later acquired the nickname of October — a museum of ice sculptures). Phantasmagoria … At home, do not be afraid, let them tremble those who have done and continue to do the crime. We are destined to great test. We are totally disappointed in the changes in Europe, we once again saw the face of Russian power. Now it is necessary to look at ourselves. Harbors the tale of the victory? To further disappointed? For me the area on Dec. 19 — Inspection and what is left alive and honest in our land, in our capital city and not ours. After all, whether we like it or not, Monday, Dec. 20 (sighted but see) get political ruins

The best writer will Cherginets … The best journalist will Yakubovich … Nalepshymi singers will be different "singing cowards" … Agrarian heroes — master fiddling …

And we'll collect the best of what is left in the series. More Yanka Kupala once wrote: "Interesting people we — Belarusians! Must admit that whatever evil around us and with us no matter what happens, no matter what experienced adversity and injuries — as if we do not see, and if they see the evils we suffer and expect that someone will come here and it is our evil hell with them … The best friend, the best our deliverer from our lihaletstsya — is ourselves. And if you do not want to die, if you do not want to be perpetual slaves — should we leave the bad habit of thinking that someone will come and save us from our troubles, from lack of freedom … '. "


Next topic continues extraneus:

"For five years it has become less fervor and enthusiasm, increased spleen and healthy (?) Cynicism. Has matured, has acquired a no work, real estate, credit .. And all the more difficult to tear your ass for the sake of some abstract general case, I personally do not promise any dividends once. Quite the contrary. Find yourself with access to the area of adventure on the ass, to be fired in a small town where the other simply does not work — the probability is small, but still a big zero.

Therefore it is always a temptation to join the ranks of skeptics, but gundosits themselves and others that there is supposedly no plan, no organization, no leaders of the people — cattle, and generally all in vain: the war was lost before it began.

But the truth is that:

— each of us ssumavavsya on events, each waiting for at least some "dvizhuhi" in the swamp;

— all of us, including the most hardened skeptics, still in my heart wants to people of the 19th came to the area as much as possible;

— everyone would like to show my fuck the system;

— everyone wants to see these vblyudachnyya authorities have finally begun to be with us;

— and no one, whatever the appearances, there is no illusion that it is possible to carry through the "election," and not through open outcry.

So what the hell did while sitting at home?

As for me, I know for sure: no matter how many people come to the 19th per share, a fair amount of them will be the "weaker sex." Girls out there, students … Some of them will come, breaking the almost mystical fear (if appropriate — not about the speech). It will be uncomfortable, unseemly and a shame to see this picture, sitting in the heat, but sympathize with them at a safe distance. Some in this situation is still starting up a kind of protective mechanism of self-justification — having lost at least to some hunting own active actions, the patient begins at the best Multi wise to appeal to the categories of Realpolitik, at worst — persistently emphasize that these girls are an idiot, well, hereinafter — there is no plan, no organization, no leaders, and blah-blah-blah (at least, the main trend of the last five years, Internet-politicized public — the banter with the "zmagarstva" — I tend to see first of all in this, but not in the real world vices objects of ridicule). And it is — a direct path to mudatstva from which it is difficult to turn.

So tear the ass and jerk to Minsk still have. Reluctantly and hope — just to pay their presence. After all, if you're not even on the Square — so you do not have at all. "

(Made bloggers head_of_babulka)

Witness their presence is not for show and conscience 'sake, and for the sake of power saw that "I do not then there's all the same":

"I am a man, in fact, is apolitical: I'm not a member of the political parties, rather superficially versed in the political situation is not very particular about it. In general, I'm not the ideal person with a lot of sins and bad habits. And someone's specific political interests me little interest. And gathering in the square on Sunday, I just want to show that it is impossible not to notice that shit at the national level (mana / coercion / fear), which does not properly express themselves so many wonderful people. " (smatrycenka)

To achieve this goal it is easy — just drop the argument about the impossibility of revolution and come out. Let the power for a while lose his arrogant self-confidence, let announces his next "elegant victory" in a trembling, broken voice, let her eyes run.

Just only need that "Tear off your ass and … and bring it to the bus that goes to the area ", as advised by blogger senseisekai.

OR YOU WILL BE ON U.S. to shoot?

If you need inspiring examples, read the story of the blogger reaktivny_puz on how to meet the staff "Planar" Interior Minister Kuleshov, making him nervous:

"Someone gets up from the hard workers and asks," I say, 19 to go and the whole area of our site will go. You're shooting at us? "Not so literally and asks. Kuleshov ofigel, general jumped deputy. Director of the ideology of the color of tomato and passed swiftly began to approach the beets. Hardworking roared with approval, a support group Minister swallowed. The minister began mumbles something about the laws, and urge
d on his hunky — "No, you answer openly, will shoot, or not?" Minister mulyaetstsa, management panics hunky happy.

The minister said that he had no weapons, other than standard-issue, no, and offered to sort out on the mat. Like, smoothed the situation.

Immediately following is a consistent question from the audience (the trade union buck), Minister calms down a bit. The manual says: "I call on the elite of the company — the developer-designer." Raises one of the leading developers and says, "I'll go to the area, we look like everything is adequate and will not blow up anything. Are you afraid to openly tell us, will shoot or not. This implies that you will shoot. I have right? "Leaders in full force reaches for valokordin, Minister for standard-issue — whether to shoot, whether shot, Hall rejoice.

As a result, the minister sends almost all in plain text in the ass, adpoyvae director in the office of his coffee with brandy, curtain hanging over the company expectations. "

Who said that Belarus is dead?

AREA — DO NOT "sacred places"

It is right, in my opinion, the response to the words of Vladimir Neklyaeva that "the area became our sacred place … our temple "blogger dz_i:

"It is very unfortunate that the idea of" area as a sacred place / event "was announced by the leader. Like, every four years, we have a ritual — the area just where we are suddenly "nyabydlam" four years in advance and even disagree, defeating fear (2006), imbued with unity (2010). Area in front of the sarcophagus, where some people even walk, and there is nothing strategic, suddenly exposed to a place that "has become sacred for Belarusians." Hop like this — and the victory is not the goal of all sacred in itself. The ritual of standing near the zero kilometer.

Well, the comparison of "area" of the temple — even a strange metaphor. The church is filled with people divine meaning the cycle of his life — hrestsyatstsa at birth, communion on holidays, vyanchayutstsa, adpyavayutstsa. Temple is no end to it, we are united with God. The plaza also has to be an end in the area is (should be!) The goal for which we should strive, target, for which zdyaysnennya and to gather in the square. Area, infinite as a temple — it is something terrible, and when these temples already, white, tall, then the area under the sarcophagus that is repeated endlessly and is sacred — it's a hell of a kafkiyanska-altar. No it is not sacred, no it is not a ritual, and it does not necessarily have to be a skating rink in front of the sarcophagus. There generally is not required to stand, where you can gather. Coming to power.

I hope to see everyone there, on the streets, without a sacred space, skandavannya ditties, and full of confidence and quiet spirit. "

Sania leave for Caracas / The Hague

Sanya, of course, can choose how much you want to stay with us, but when we, the people of Belarus, that do not want to, he will have to adjust their plans:

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