Illuminati — servants reptilian gods

What are afraid of the Illuminati, and that in this connection it should be done?

Masons have created a vampire centuries pyramid of control and they are afraid to lose it — because it is not only their system is getting very sophisticated goods by most other people, but also a huge energy recovery system of the cyclically recurring pain and pleasures of the human masses, limited special program to continue repetitions and permanent weaning energy — is the life support system governing Illuminati ancient gods, given to people in the past …

How is arranged this "divine vampirism?" This is similar to how people put nuclear fuel in the reactor and the long extract more energy, initiating a controlled nuclear reaction. Similarly, under the leadership of the Illuminati "gods patrons" put souls in intellectual, emotional and physical limits — energy traps, and use of the energy released by pulling the threads of control over their pleasures and pains.

For example, one of the main pillars of the control and manipulation of mankind — fooling with money. People still gave out the so-called "money" for their suffering at work, so that they can immediately buy them pleasure — and this cycle seems to be forever … But, as we have seen from the drop-down "global financial crisis" Most of humanity will soon left with nothing — with a bunch of "valuable" paper, which costs nothing and unpaid debts that can not pay … At the time, all the rights of ownership to key natural resources is still actively concentrated in a minority — in the hands of backstage lohotronschiki and financial manipulators. Further, the logic of the Illuminati, to be followed extermination "extra" impoverished population — World War III, and the complete enslavement of the survivors after the war beggars.

This is the result completes the planned operation is the final weaning humanity of all levers of management of natural resources of the planet Earth — the separation of people from nature and turn them into half-dead zombie-robot, batteries and maintenance of the "gods."

One of the most important parts of the plan — the promotion of micro-electronic technology and the widespread introduction of nanotechnology to more effective control of brain wave frequencies of the masses of people, manipulation of their physical, emotional and mental well-being, and in the end — for complete control over the mass consciousness in order to further exploitation vampire .. .

So how can we still live in this world — an interesting question, is not it? However, even if the plan Armageddon is already under way in our eyes — do not forget that this is just an idea, materializuemaya great energy, takes away from the ignorant masses of people panicking and rushing about in fear, looking for an exit and escape from the hungry and conservation issues its material property at all costs. Total tyranny, too — just an idea the top Illuminati, their "ultimate" goal, dictated by the karma of violence — and how infeasibility of this idea depends on the degree of our awareness, the strength of our good intentions and pure altruistic motivation — transcend selfishness and transform environmental reality from ourselves …

Secret meaning here is, to what particular idea connects our energy, what message do we vote for implementation through our life force. For example, instead of the idea of saving money and wealth, we can choose the idea that after Armageddon, by trying to enslave humanity, wise gods, stand outside of human tyranny, show us the illusory nature of matter, the illusory nature of the "values", to which we still tied. The crucial difference we elected idea is that by using the idea of attachment to something we can continue to control, and through the idea we are illusory, however, are exempted from the scope of control.

Another important idea is that the gods and demons specifically exacerbate antagonism of love and violence in human society to accelerate the conscious choice to all those who still live in ignorance of the meaning of life, its goals and the means to achieve them. People need to quickly identify and choose between love and fear — that is the deep meaning of the conflict. If the majority of mankind will continue to avoid further informed choice — the escalation of mass violence in all its forms is inevitable.

As far as the Illuminati — they are very cunning and use all of the ideas for their own purposes. For example — they can use the information about themselves and about the terrible "New World Order", but in order to intimidate us, causing all of the same destructive low-frequency vibrations of fear … In a world of widespread theory tags Antichrist (= 666 =). What's behind this "mystery of iniquity" which is well known, but not officially recognized? It's just an occult satanic idea … With a very high probability we can say that the prediction of the "Number of the Beast — 666" is an artificial fraud, myth and global illusion, used to control the mass consciousness of the people through fear. How it used the Illuminati? Creating a myth of the "Number of the Beast", the Illuminati planned materialize this theory, introducing everywhere and almost meaningless disadvantage "666" in the bar codes, electronic cards, symbolic notation system, identification numbers, etc. With this they deliberately confirm execution in "ancient prophecy" of the coming of the Apocalypse, "the all-powerful Antichrist" and approaching something terrible, irreversible and fatal for humanity … What is it for? In fact — this is just an illusory fixed idea, occult and devilish trick trick, designed to cause uncontrollable subconscious fear of the masses of people. This is the only meaning of the symbolism of sharing 666 — to create in the minds of people ILLUSION inevitable submission totalitarian domineering control. Since the "number of the beast" will GOVERNMENT imposed to mandate, people have no opportunity to escape, despite the fact that the "unofficial" information whispers to them that 666 — a very "bad and diabolical" number. Thus, in the public mind is artificially created division, imbalance, internal conflict, struggle and frustration, resulting in the will of people and their sense of freedom has been undermined from within — and this is what should be the Illuminati! At weak-willed people vibration frequency of vital energy is dramatically reduced, fragmented consciousness — and they can be easily managed as a herd of sheep. From this it becomes clear who work all these preachers, "fighters for the truth", "whistleblowers", made us afraid the threat of "number of the beast — 666", the Antichrist, Armageddon — not saying that with all that. All of these "educators", consciously or not, serve the interests of the shadow government, initiating a mass of people with fear, doubt, despair and lack of confidence in themselves … Therefore, we need to understand as to understand ourselves, what we are going to instill a sense in this or that idea. That is — we should always make an informed choice between love and fear, and is attentive to the frequency of vibration of an impact.

The Illuminati are afraid of freedom, the awareness and the combined shower — that brings people and other creatures of the framework and the various limitations of the chain of rebirths in grubomaterialnyh worlds, from the wheel of Samsara — but why? Because they themselves are not free and not limited by a contract with a very old non-physical beings, long-lived, which in the past recognized the gods and they faithfully serve for the opportunity to have the most powerful and constant power in this world of people on Earth. Since the "god-parasites" needs tyrannical system that exists only in the violent forced vibration measurements low, their servants, the Illuminati, in fact, systematically prevent mergers and SUBLIMATION various multifaceted energy conscious, opening out to the souls of the people to a higher level of subtle-material. Through a system of secret societies, which form a pyramid with the knowledge on the human type of the top leaders of the demonic, these creatures interprostranstvennye monitor the evolution of mankind, directing streams of vital power of the masses of people in his own field — its life-support … How does it work?

On the external, material level, constant multidimensional separation of people from each other, and above them are "behind-the-scenes" control, and recovered a huge benefit in all areas of life for as controlled "elite." And this is just tip of the iceberg. Illuminati centuries deploying agents to a leading position in all public bodies in religion, science, politics and art. These agents are activated and promote the society planned mass illusions designed to run people's thoughts wandering around in false theories and concepts that hold in the minds of doubt, frustration and confusion — the inability to concentrate and to perceive reality. This destructive attack backstage structure is used, in particular, the media, all kinds of electronic equipment and even food, in order to disrupt the very ability of the masses of people to perceive the surrounding reality. Thus, people lose strength and self-awareness is reaching Truth, lose the pure perception, because their minds wander in ignorance, in roundabout ways and various religions. Distortion of scale energy fluxes and powers of perception, the Illuminati, led by their gods, intentionally prolong the journey of humanity "around the bush" Truth, thereby removing the huge benefits for the authorities. But, most importantly, the constant control and programming of the human experience, its repetition and recurrence, provides parasitic existence of many gods, beginning with Mary (the devil) to the "personal" vampires individuals. This is possible due to the fact that the gods of the demonic type of people exploit untapped streams of their own life energy that vibrate at the frequency bands and in the areas of consciousness, from which people are deliberately "turned off."

Therefore, there are many gods, people interested in bondage, and there are a lot of people in high places that serve those gods. This question is worth deep consideration because of his understanding of our liberation depends, as conscious beings. There are a lot of historical data that are part of the "lost" ancient knowledge hidden in the Illuminati secret society — about who and how humanity has been separated from its full nature, to exercise control over it, and parasitism. But, from a practical point of view — to get rid of the control will be more useful to consider the practical importance of these processes …

If you look at what is happening in terms of unconscious and subtle energies — something with "food for thought", conflicting ideas and concepts, religions and umopostroeny the domestic energy level separation is the souls of men. Crises, wars, negative emotions of stress, pain, depression and fear — all of this, for the most part, artificially created only to make the collective energy of people vibrate at lower chakras with reduced frequency. For this purpose, through the activation of the left hemisphere of the brain vserazdelyayuschey, people are encouraged to distance themselves from each other, to feel anger, hostility and aggression, reducing the frequency of vibration of their vital energy. People purposefully and systematically bullied, suggesting massive doubts and destructive thoughts than slow down their speed and frequency of the vibrations of consciousness en masse to force chakra people "throw out" a large number of low-frequency energy. Such a "hard" power, compacted low-frequency vibration, passes on the edge of the visible "brute" matter of substance and invisible "small" matter of sound — which gives a great opportunity to easily intercept and absorb this energy and matter are more experienced parasitic conscious beings. Thus, the tandem of intangible beings and the Illuminati is the essence of secret occult societies, intentionally causes in the human conflicts, outbreaks of aggression and mass murder, to use low-frequency energy is allocated by people for their own purposes. As strange as it may sound, but the huge mass of people use as a battery source parasitic power — just like in the movie "The Matrix," and people do not realize it! They just sometimes feel a lack of energy and fatigue.

Our consciousness is a multi-dimensional space of different frequency vibrating energy field that brings together the essence of the absolute center of our soul. Each field appears certain chakra energy in the subtle bodies of man, and in the physical body is materialized in the form of specific parts of the genetic code of our DNA. If any of the energy field of our soul unconsciousness and helpless, being too far away from the central fact — vibrational frequencies corresponding to these chakras and DNA genetic codes will be disconnected from consciousness, or will not work completely. It is this factor of unawareness are various parasitic creatures in interprostranstvah vampire and "leaders" in the world of people who control humanity has existed since ancient times. That is, if the field vividly imagine our energies in the form of productive land — that they "land" that we do not sow (the energy that we do not recognize), occupy unwelcome creatures from other dimensions and gather our energy crop, using it their own purposes. They come into our dormant consciousness of parallel spaces with nothing — and go, brimming the wealth of our life force, which we do not use. Since these energy parasites are those "gods", which are all secret societies in the world of people — especially the Illuminati retain control, dividing humanity contradictions and fragmenting the human mind to nurture our unconscious energy of their ancient gods …

They are driven by a wild, fierce desire to possess and control, power over other souls. They take the original Truth, which they are well known from ancient sources, and which they hide — and rewrite everything in such a way as to leave an opening for the emergence of the many contradictions between the people who follow this fake teachings and invented religions. All these fragmentary "truth" that they artificially created beforehand marred seeds of discord, shoots countless disputes and endless conflicts follow them to the people. The whole point of the mystery of the Masons deliberately primitive and ridiculously simple — especially hard to create and cultivate all kinds of inconsistencies inside of all religions, sciences, political parties, sects and all public organizations to quarrel and divide people, and then a long and consistently monitor all of them for due to a planned fight with each other …

All our sorrows, sufferings, early old age and death — all, in fact, caused by this artificial division of our souls, we are removing from their original nature, creating an imbalance of energies separated, lack of communication between the different areas of consciousness and the stagnation of our life force, who are exploited by various "gods." For the most part, all of this intentionally fabricated and caused a total ignorance of the truth — the willfully and "secrecy" of the ancient knowledge of the laws of the universe, "monopolized" the dark elite … If you ask the question, where does all the strength and power of the demonic power structures of the minority in our society, the answer will be only one — out of ignorance and powerlessness of most others.

That's the way, as it did in the past and repeated again today, with the fear of mass violence, confrontation energies crushing holistic consciousness, moving away from its essence and the source of life — of the Creator, at the turn of the change of epochs and civilizations destroyed holistic the structure of our DNA, the control of our life in the physical dimension. When DNA is "taken apart", people are not conscious beings — bio-robots with a limited set of emotions and the five or six programs in the head. Indeed, modern people is hard to call the end alive — because they live and act by someone written, external programs, not realizing and directing themselves.

To get out of control all the vampiric society, specializing in office people from each other and each individual branch of the essence of his soul — it is necessary to raise global consciousness of humanity in the upper chakras, causing a massive energy vibrating at a higher frequency. High-energy "too spiritual" and loose so that they can not be assigned or capture, they can not be a parasite, as they inpersonalny. The higher the frequency of vibration, the energy is closer to the essence of the soul — then all of the consciousness that moves together with the energy close to the original single center themselves. Thus, the sublimation energy and fusion shower occurs naturally when people come together, finding something to do all around and in yourself, instead of endless diversity. Therefore, if people everywhere COMBINED, raising awareness, focusing energy and move to a higher rate regardless of religious denominations, political parties, social status and mental constructions — parasitic power supply of the "gods" in the form of low-frequency energy quickly disappear. Hungry "gods" will be forced to transform itself, raising its frequency, or leave. In that case — the Illuminati left without owners, and the whole pyramid of violent power of secret societies quickly come to naught.

Not only that no structure can not forcibly control large groups of people spontaneously combining these groups can unite against themselves "controllers" and manipulators — and it is for them a nightmare. Anticipating this terrible (for them) the outcome, the Masons constantly monitor and stop in a society is the slightest tendency to nadpoliticheskomu interreligious and bring people together. They consistently put obstacles, directing all attempts to unite in a false direction, under the control of the false "new leaders" they control the religious and political sects, using multiple fraud, manipulation, provocation and total lie. But all this only further proves the whole hopelessness of their situation and the futility of increasing tyrannical control — for "ordinary" people a million times more than the dark elite …

Cause uncontrolled association of natural destruction egregors supported sectarian ideology and energy transfer through the unconscious prayer about "saving" of its own self-interest. All egregors — is selfish formation, in which selfishness begins with subtle spiritual planes, and they are mainly from slaboosoznayuschih and selfish people. All of these "religious" clubs, sects and society — as well as the political structures, hold their members in the limited space of the mind and through the force field of their own selfishness. The only difference is that religion acts selfishness thin plan is much more concentrated than the material self-interest — "this is my practice, my energy, my teacher, my spiritual brothers and sisters, my achievement, and all that — my own path to enlightenment ". It's all the same thing as — "my apartment, my car, my salary, my career," and so on. Various kinds of spiritual selfishness and subordination of people of all divine and demonic external forces, the different "demigod", or to the same God under different names, the corresponding multiple egregors form, and destroy them — so get rid of repeated rebirth and transcend samsara.

Each Warrior, believe it will rise,
Star predicted happiness!
Planet vspryanet from sleep
And on the ruins of the dark power
Write our names!

Going beyond egregor primarily makes more free our mind and energy as endless ideas, concepts, practices, etc., fabricated and shove humanity for centuries — all of this is what people have to constantly pay for. It's just a big trap energy … At the time, as the truth — is elementary and direct interaction with reality, direct apprehension of phenomena to their own consciousness. So, ideally, we need only one supreme and illusory "egregore" — clearing and releasing from all the others … When we look at the life of this new open-minded — we may see that almost all the people live, not understanding pure reality " as it is ", and are always in different hypnotic state wards until their deaths in some energy-egregore. We live in a very "hard" time illusion obscures our minds is very strong. People look at the stunning discovery — and see nothing, hear a great truth — and can not hear. The masses of people are programmed, the information density and so overwhelmed by stress, which is almost always see everything around me, like background noise and pictures in the movie, and not as a guide to the need for change and self-help themselves. The aggravation of the global hypnotic illusion caused by the fact that now the time woke up and came out all the old layers of assorted energy and karmic fixations, before sleeping in multi floors of our multidimensional consciousness. Therefore, the ordinary "domestic" consciousness and control its violent structures are very afraid, trying to self-preservation, and put samogipnotiziruyuschy barrier. However, a variety of powerful energies and influence different types of consciousness gives us a unique opportunity to dramatically withdraw from all the "usual and convenient" framework constraints and rapidly transform themselves.

About the people standing on top of the official religion, and political power, we have to understand one thing — they are usually not on our side … They just serve their gods, providing its elite exist, so — they are not for us and not against us. They just use us to feed their gods, as in ancient times — not understanding and acting on orders. We serve as batteries — so we, from time to time, do not throw in a landfill, and to some extent cherish, until we deliver tyrant gods enough of our life force.

Under the pretext of establishing a "New World Order" Illuminati wanted to unite all religions and social systems under the guidance of one of the "god" — the entire spirit of Darkness, Lucifer or the Griffin, which is called a "unipolar world." But the true goal of humanity — is generally a "nonpolar" transcendent spiritual world. This is consistent conscious association in the inner world of souls, joining the essential light of every soul with the light of the Creator of the Universe.
The question of our liberation — is the completeness and strength of awareness of the field of energy and our soul is aware of the activities included in the whole structure of our DNA. To do this, in fact, there are various spiritual practices that open up and engage our "sleeping" chakras and "unconscious" energy flows. Applying any of the traditional or esoteric practices, we should even have to attach themselves all the disparate energies of the soul to the One conscious of the control center — to our true essence, and take all their livelihoods under full conscious control.

In love, in suffering, in the fight —
Understand their self!
Intentionally and accidentally,
All over themselves to realize!

We need to transcend our existence cycles and learn to accept non-programmable solutions that go beyond the logic of repetition of old experience. For this, we must be able to thoroughly realize the source of all actions in different areas of our multidimensional consciousness, carefully identify flows of "their own" and "foreign" energy instantly discern the will of another and subtly perceive their perceptions of different vibrations of energy — whether they prevail component of fear, violence, or Love.

The struggle between Light and Darkness is eternal, as there is the universe — and in it, no one will win, because the forces are equal. This naturally follows from the fact that light and dark — the interdependent components of mirror, opposites born of division of Absolute and conscious separation energy of the Creator. All rough dual division designated masculine and feminine, light and dark, demonic and the divine — all return to the Creator, the source of this division. To tell the truth — the whole world is created by the Creator in order to gain experience and the soul to seek a way out of the network constraints, sought their way to the source, the path to awareness and freedoms themselves.

And do not say how many — still no one will reveal any secret, except that everything is an illusion. All the plans for the Masons, "dark" Illuminati, saviors and "light" fighters for the truth, all the games of the gods and demons, and all of creation — all modeled and is a great experiment, launched in order to bring us back to the Creator, and then — to the true "I" to the absolute essence of our soul.

When what we have done, back to ourselves — the greatest secret is that as much as possible and deeply aware of all the processes, without being attached to anything — without being attached to an object (the conscious experience of the particles), the subject (his "I" ) and the process of cognition. In fact, we — pure awareness, the absolute essence, the source of creation, the central point of all existence … If we realize this — we grasp the essence of emptiness, the absolute "I" outside of self that transcends the distinction for yourself and anything else. We are still around, learning the whole environment, as his true "I".

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