At the dawn of history, there was a mysterious man, Imhotep, one ancient tablet age 4600 years before Christ, it speaks of his glory, and he was the vizier of the king of Lower Egypt, the architect, the high priest of Heliopolis, is a very versatile person.

During the reign of Pharaoh Djoser's about 2778-2268 BC, Imhotep began to design the construction of the first great step pyramid at Saqqara, six diminishing step down from the top of the pyramid is the first prototype of all the pyramids, even something like the Great Pyramid of Giza. Imhotep this great scholar has changed the lives of Egyptians, from which it was built before that is clay, reed, wood, he replaced the stone, so he changed the scenery of Memphis and now we admire this work of art arches, vaults.

Imhotep was also another doctor and his method of treatment is that the patient poured water, water flows into the tank, where it bathed other patients, said a prayer, stood the statue of the ancient Egyptian gods, this method is similar to what a modern water treatment, and one method the patient is in a dark place, a man was placed in a state of hypnosis credit monotonous singing and various objects and people recovered and this unique Secret History of Egyptian civilization that created the architect Imhotep with his comprehensive knowledge.

Well, this writer was not only a builder, and a doctor, he was also the Minister of War, the supreme judge, Chancellor, Minister of Culture, he has created this district as our region, to open a school that would be all the officials were caught Imhotep education officials for bribes, followed so that no more than one office. Tomb of ancient genius Imhotep was not found, there is a myth that with a vengeance mummy Imhotep, has his memories and gifts of the gods may well have the same gifts and under the Sphinx where the plateau Guizot.

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