In Argayashsky packs of dogs roam the area of vampires: wild dogs drink the blood of sheep and geese

Dog-vampireArgayashsky district, Chelyabinsk region, March 28 (New Region, Alla Alexandrova) — In Argayashsky's deputies will discuss the problem of frequent attacks of stray dogs on domestic animals in one of the villages. The situation is assessed as an emergency. In this case, the problem has not yet been found: the rural municipality to deal with wild dogs is not adequate funding, and the district administration has not in any way interfere with the situation.
As the correspondent of "New Region" in the Board of Deputies Derbishevskogo rural settlement, in the summer of last year in the village Ishalino homeless dogs tore some domestic geese and ducks: a bird walk their local water bodies.
Hosts other farmsteads complain that the dog tore a few lambs and sheep. Then the villagers were caught a few dogs, and then deal with them no less cruel: hanged.
A recent shocking incident occurred in the premises of one of the villagers, The dogs got on a farmstead, gnawed throats of seven sheep and drank their blood. Hosts in shock: five ewes in the spring were to bring offspring. Wild quadrupeds killed even yard dog, who was on a leash. Total damage from loss of livestock was 50 thousand. The owner of the sheep decided to catch yourself tailed killers. According to him, the dog caught in a trap frightening form: before such he never met. Seeing the man, she broke free and ran away.
People themselves explain this invasion of aggressive dogs is simple. According to them, stray dogs are fed in nearby gardens, often puppies just throw on a line of passing cars.
Animals come to the village, where they were beaten local dogs and yard dogs whose owners drink and starved their hunger. Starved, brutalized, they get in packs and go "to the smell of blood." That blood — as noted by the residents themselves, if earlier dog eats the prey, now drink their blood.
Veterinary experts explain the situation so that the villagers do not comply with the basic rules of the animals. They pointed out that dogs must be kept on a leash and have rabies. Residents also refer to the absence in the village cattle cemetery. Fallen stock villagers simply throw it in the trash, where the smell of carrion going dog. For the disposal of livestock is necessary to build a special biothermal well, but this requires funding. None of the administration of the village and for purchase of injectors for shooting stray swarms. Can only hope for the work of the administrative commissions, which should be fined for poor people living creatures.
According to deputies Derbisheva, in whose territory the village Ishalino, soon challenging issue will be discussed at the parliamentary session. Local MPs assess the situation as an emergency. To the meeting and invited representatives of veterinary services. Meanwhile, residents are already fears that the next victim of dog-vampires may be one of them, such as children, who often play in the street. Recall last week in Chelyabinsk pack of dogs bitten elite family of rabbits in one of the farms. In gorekotsentre way, the incident did not hear anything. And in the Trinity area of stray dogs bitten to death by a young woman.

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