In China, a sheep gave birth to a puppy


Chinese farmer Liu Nayang argues that one of the sheep in his flock gave birth to a dog. "Puppy" wool is very similar to sheep's wool, but the nose, mouth and claws — quite a dog.

Veterinarians and zoologists claim that the sheep can not give birth to a dog. The population of the surrounding villages veterinarians and scientists do not believe, and constantly hovers at home Nayanga to see a miracle.

Nayang said: "I am 20 years of grazing sheep.'ve Never seen anything like it. I witnessed childbirth. When I examined the baby closer, I was shocked — it looked so weird, like a cross between a sheep dog. Was very scary."


S Guochang, a researcher at the Zoological Center of Xi'an says, "Sheep can not get pregnant from a dog. Sheep and a dog — different types of hybridization and the like is simply impossible. Fact that we see — it's very strange, abnormal lamb."



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