In Crimea, the largest festival began Slavic Rodnoverie

"Swa Glory" going near Evpatoria for the sixth time

"Swa Glory" going near Evpatoria for the sixth time

"Swa Glory" going near Evpatoria for the sixth time.

September 6-9 at the Black Sea coast of Crimea (Evpatoria, pos. Zaozerniy, sanatorium "Seagull") will be the most numerous rally Slavic Rodnoverie — VI International Festival of the Vedic culture of the Slavs "Swa Glory."

At the biggest event of the Slavic Rodnoverie Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and other countries will come to the magicians, nymphs, priests and magicians Slavic Faith; Rodnoverie (conservatives) and confessors Vedic teaching; Rodoljub (Patriots), representatives of public and political organizations, the Slavs from the conceptual projects and programs , teachers, teachers and masters of Slavic and applied martial arts, gymnastics and crafts, bards, Bojana, spevtsy, creative teams and music groups, artisans and merchants.

Festival visitors every year from 500 to 1000 Rodnoverie. Starting in 2007, the number of participants has steadily increased, and the event has become more famous.

The festival is reported to the organizers, is to develop the best methods of cultural awakening and tribal identity of the Slavs, as well as the best ways to spiritual and physical health of society, "the awakening and strengthening the mental state of Love and Justice, every Slav."

The official languages of the festival are the Ukrainian and Russian.

At the festival will be held Veche, which will address current issues of life pagans.

Sergei Yakhontov

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