In England, was found 400-year-old Bible


Thanks to the error made while printing, the experts were able to identify in the Bible has been stored in the church of the English countryside Hilmarton, Wiltshire, edition, whose age stravlyaet 400 years.

According to Reuters, the publication was kept in the church Hilmartona the last half century, and they are little used. Perhaps because of this, it has survived to the present day. Ministers of the house noticed that the Bible is very old, but her exact age could not be determined, and therefore decided to enlist the help of a specialist.

Identify the book helped made while printing error — in the Gospel of Matthew in the Garden of Gethsemane is no reason Jesus and Judas. Typographical error was made in the re-circulation of the King James Bible.

To have survived no more than 200 copies of the King James Bible, printed in 1611.

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