In Europe, the heat wave was replaced by hurricanes and snowfall

Storms, heavy rains, and sometimes even snow. Central Europe was plunged into chaos. After record heat temperatures dropped sharply, causing natural disasters.
With such a natural anomaly residents of Croatia had not encountered. Of course, the weather tends to deteriorate in the autumn, but the temperature just right for the night fell to 25 degrees and fell below zero! Just yesterday here went in shorts and did swim, but today the street covered with snow. Some journalists do not even have time to change clothes, and the cameras had to work in a light shirt.
For a few hours the sky gray clouds sucked, and then on the country hit a powerful storm with thunder. Hurricane easily brought down ancient trees, but even after it passed, the wind has died down a long time, and flew through the streets stripped of umbrellas.
The city Bjelovar due to lightning started a fire in a nursing home. Four people were killed, another 11 were hospitalized.
The bad weather has added work not only rescue, but the traffic services and the police, who were unable to make out dozens of accidents. Not surprisingly, since all the cars go by until the summer tires.
The situation is similar in Austria, which was also at the center of the cyclone. Tyrolean area covered snow, piled drifts. Many passes almost stopped the movement of vehicles.
In the Austrian capital Vienna — rain, a few hours had the monthly rainfall.
The reason for such vagaries of nature have become a powerful cold front, which has replaced the heat and sun. Heat held this fall in Europe, an unusually long time. Even residents of Albion to the last days enjoying unusually fine weather for this time.
So, in the last days of September, there was a new record for the UK — the thermometer climbed to 30 degrees. The same hot Indian summer over a week standing in Germany and France. Forecasters do not rule out that now the weather will deteriorate drastically and here.

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