In Israel, found the nails with the crucifixion of Christ


Canadian-Israeli archaeologist, journalist and filmmaker Simcha Jakubowicz says that made a unique discovery. According to Jakubowicz, he found the nails driven by Roman soldiers in the cross of Jesus Christ.

In 1990, in the vicinity of Jerusalem's Abu Tor was discovered the cave in which, supposedly buried Caiaphas, who presided at the trial of Jesus Christ. Besides coffins in a Jerusalem cave found coins, perfumes, ceramic lamp and two ancient nails.

Meanwhile, Jakubowicz says that he can not prove the authenticity of nails hundred percent, but it says, "any reasonable person can put two and two."

According to the version contained an archaeologist in the documentary film "The Nails of the Cross", Caiaphas, the crucifixion of Jesus, became a Christian and took the nails to the grave with the hope that they will help him in the afterlife.

However, many scientists were skeptical of this statement.

Opinion on the findings suggested an officer of the Israel Antiquities Authority Yitzhak ravih: "Nails, which tells in his documentary Simcha Jakubowicz, likely used to engrave the name of the deceased on the sarcophagus. I am glad that the archaeologist has such a bright fantasy, but assume that he found the nails from the cross on which Jesus was crucified just ridiculous. "

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