In Kiev in protest burned dollars and euros. VIDEO

In Kiev in protest burned dollars and euros

December 16, in front of the red building University. Shevchenko burned foreign currency. According to the staff, a group of young people with placards on fire a few dollars and euro banknotes. About this in his blog, writes Sergei Lyamets.

Flash mob called "Dolar slept, slept vro, slept ruble — Zahist Ukraїnu."

Not clear to the end goal of the flash mob. It is clear that Ukraine is so dollarized that the dollar may be considered a second national currency. Euros, by the way, this applies to a lesser degree.

Officially, the flash mob was to be held on the eve of the summit of "Ukraine — EU" and "Ukraine — EEC." It is unlikely that he caused the collapse of a free trade area with the EU, but the coincidence interesting.


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