In Kiev, nearly fifty people were poisoned chicken grilled

32 people hospitalized in the infectious disease clinic

From 8 to 10 June in Kiev has already registered 46 patients with acute intestinal infection. 32 people hospitalized in the department of clinical infectious hospital, four of them — children. It is reported LIGA BіznesІnform referring to the press service of the main health department of the Kyiv City State Administration.

As reported in Kiev SES affected eve, eat grilled chicken purchased in a supermarket Obolon district of the capital.

Epidrassledovanie continues, foods that used patients are taken for analysis.

At the time, both in Kiev consumers hunted chickens in eastern and southern parts of the country do not cease passion about cholera. However, according to official reports, the epidemic has died down, but the risk of new outbreaks are still very high.

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