In Klimovichi voted for the candidate number 1 — Kastusiou

On the last day of early voting independent observers again fixed in the regions numerous violations at polling stations. According to the monitoring, some district centers and towns have already voted almost all of the teachers, the students and the police. On the compulsion to vote early as the voters of the state farms.

Grodno region

Convicted activist Cyril Semenchuk

On the last day before the vote in the Grodno lot of different news: activist disappeared, one day he was found in the October police department. Students are forced to vote early. And in the town of the district executive committee chairman Bridges shops and rips off leaflets for opposition candidates.

Cyril Semenchuk distribute campaign leaflets for Vladimir Neklyaeva in Grodno, Dec. 12

On Saturday, activists of the opposition movement in Grodno were dismayed by the news: they lost a friend, an activist of Staff Vladimir Neklyaeva — Cyril Semenchuk.

According to his friend Yury Istomin Semenchuk to Cyril on the platform approached by two plain-clothes, took his hands and led him towards the station.

Istomin: "We contacted the transport police at the station, the police department — nothing. Said his wife, but she was in the police also reported nothing new "

It was only on Saturday after a 14-hour police and reported that he is in jail October police department. The police explained that Cyril Semenchuk sentenced to 6 days for allegedly participating in an unauthorized mass event. What — not reported.

Election observers from the party "Fair World" Paul Stanevsky says that the last few days feel a special pressure on voters so that they vote early and activists to prevent them from traveling to the area.

Stanevsky: "We have information that in Grodno shopping college students were given to sign a paper in which they promised not to go to the Plaza. Some activists from various organizations was called to the prosecutor's office and also required to sign a fact that will not go to the Plaza. In particular, such calls have been one of the activists of our party and several of the Belarusian Popular Front. "

The Medical University students tell us that the head of the trade union committee has threatened them that do not get the hostel, if you do not go to the polls, and those who will take part in the campaign, promised to write to the active ten points for participation in the public life of the country.

Says one of the students of the university:

Girl"They called me yesterday to Dean and he told me that I was being watched and if I go somewhere on the weekend, then I will have bad health and in general it will be difficult to finish high school. I asked — what kind of people following me, and he says to me, do not ask any questions, I will not say anything. "

In Bridges today still being actively campaigning. The members of the staff of Vital Rymasheuski distribute leaflets, however, complain that they quickly rip off, especially in stores. Says activist Dmitry Kukhlei:

Dmitry Kukhlei

"Now come to the store" Niva ", and we were told that banned leaflets, they say, the chairman of the district executive committee Shafarevich came, I saw, that lay leaflets, tore them up and said poubirat."

The smaller the town, the higher the percentage of participants early voting

Also in the Grodno region for the first four days, from 14 to 17 December for a much greater numbers of early voters.

Member of the Regional Territorial Election Commission Victor Kokorek summarized the results of early voting for these days:

"Here we have four days of early voting in the Grodno region 20.5 percent voted. Leaders there are, of course, scored more than 30 percent. Highest number in Shchuchyn area — 35.2 percent of all voters in the area. Voronovskiy Then comes the neighborhood — 31.6 percent, and of 30.5 — Zelva district. "

In other areas of the numbers smaller notes Victor Kokorek.

"In Grodno somewhere around 14-percent, slightly below October area — 13.6 and 14.7 — in Leninsky district (in two administrative districts).

The second largest city in the area is Lida. The total figure for the city and region — 18.6 percent, said V.Kakareka.


In Klimovichi pensioners have voted for Lukashenko, but for Kastusiou

In Mogilev teachers and students of almost all voted early. Early voting took over the baton to agricultural workers.

In the largest educational institution in the region Hoerki selskagasakademii sixty percent of the students have already voted. According to an observer Goretskogo Ilya robin Students came to vote in the classroom before the opening sections.

"It's clear that it's all organized process. Their release of the lectures in violation of internal regulations of the Academy. Gorki small town and there are five thousand students. Such large-scale vote sufficient to produce the desired results.'s Why the emphasis is on the ballot."

In Klimovichi agricultural college situation is similar. At the polling station, which is located in the school, already supported by more than twenty percent of the voters. This was announced by the local supervisor, teacher Sixth:

Administration ordered the vote required to Saturday …

"The first two days were the students with their teachers. They looked at who voted and who did not. Yesterday was a lot of teachers from urban schools. Simply innumerable. All of them said that the administration ordered the vote required to Saturday. Administration should be called who voted and who did not vote. "

Most college students Mogilev police also voted.

"College students are very tight vote militia groups. They come in for an hour vote on the twenty, fifty, is ninety people. Absolutely clear that this is an organized process," said the observer seventeenth-site Alexei Kolchin.

In the village of Bolshaya Maschanitsa that Belynechey, the voting is watching local Boris Vyrvich. He argues that the administration of agricultural enterprises "New Drut" demands from employees, so they voted to December 19:

I wish I had come on a Sunday concert would look …

"People are just going to work. Said:" This is a complex head sent me, so I'm so dirty. I wish I had come on a Sunday concert would look. On the first day it was nineteen men, in the second — 28, in the third — 33, and yesterday it was already 64 people. "

On some sections of the comedy events happen. For example, in the same Klimovichi pensioners accused district commission that it has placed in the order of candidates on the ballot. They voted for the candidate number 1, but it is not Lukashenko and Kastusyou.

Vitebsk Region

The Prosecutor's Office and the CEC did not respond to the complaints of observers

Complaints and suggestions observers in the Vitebsk region are ignored in election commissions, and at the highest level.

Six of the complaints and proposals submitted to the Commission observer Valery Shevchenko, working at the polling st
ation number 7 in Novopolotsk. The plot is located in the Palace of Culture "Naftan", and this is followed by the problem, explains the observer:

This site — a thoroughfare …

"This piece — a thoroughfare. After all, he is in the hallway. If you count how many doors are available around the open — there will be pieces of the forties here and out on the stage and on the floors and in the principal's office, and even in the town hall there is a passage not closed and sealed. "

Valery Shevchenko said he wrote the complaint and the Commission, and the Prosecutor's Office and the CEC. With the election commission sent formal responses — they say, we will understand. But there is no progress, observers say. The prosecutor's office and with the CEC no answers at all. Valery Shevchenko believes that they will come after the elections, and any response will be late.

Leonid Gorova

Human rights activist of the Borough Leonid Gorova has discovered that the complaint is not resolved to consider now, and when I fix something that is not realistic. In particular, the proceedings for violation of the rights of observers will be held at the Vitebsk regional court only on December 23. Leonid Gorova wrote a complaint that at the Gagarin polling station number 5 observers see the voting process and the proceedings on the fourth day after the election, he says this:

"This situation indicates that the correct election law violations and punish those responsible authorities do not intend to."

Ales Halavan

Vitebsk Observer Ales Halavan also agree with this opinion. On his own initiative, he appealed to the commission plot number 50 Pershamaiski area with two proposals: that he be allowed to observe the ballot box the night of 18 to 19 December and the results of counting of votes for the observers voiced. The answers were negative, says activist:

"At first my suggestion as to be near the ballot boxes all day, I was refused. And the second sentence replied:" Satisfy, except for the position to carry out calculations aloud and show each ballot Commission and observers. " So, count silently and will not be shown to anyone. "

While the suggestions and complaints of independent observers ignored for observers of the pro-government structures in Vitebsk even released a separate memo. She said at the polling station number 16 Vitebsk Railway area coordinator of the "For Freedom". Christopher Zhelyapau. He said that the booklet says "provocative" questions "from the structures of opponents" to which the "correct" the observer should always have the right answer:

Christopher Zhelyapau

"There is, for example, says:" Why AG Lukashenka is running for the 4th time? "A:" Lukashenko is running because it is stipulated in the Constitution. "Or," If you will be approached from the structures of opponents and ask how you feel about the proposal to put on the sites Neklyaeva transparent ballot boxes? . " The answer should be: "Election Code is not provided. Boxes are made along the lines agreed upon by the election commission."

By Christopher Zhelyapova "Memo observer" is also produced in consultation menyvita this district commission: it decided to use the observers also as agitators, while campaigning at the polling station is prohibited.



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