In Lower Pesce Nenets Autonomous District opened a new kindergarten

The new building of a kindergarten for 85 seats inaugurated today in the village of Lower Pescia in the west district. With the opening of the new pre-school institutions is completely eliminated all. The two-storey modern building, children will engage in five groups of fifteen people. Until recently, little villagers went to kindergarten built in 1957, which may take only 43 children.


— The building of the kindergarten is very bright, warm, around the perimeter of the building, there are lamps, — Says the JSC "Promkapstroy" Roman Moroz. — We conducted a kind of survey of educators, parents, and builders and decided to call him in this regard, "Firefly".

The company leading the construction of the 12 regions of the country, have experience in the area. CJSC "Promkapstroy" built a school and diesel power in Ust-Kara, a school in the village and Karatayka Sawmill in Naryan-Mar, a boarding school in the Lower Pesce. Construction of the kindergarten was going hard enough. Competition for the construction of the garden took place in late 2008, but the work could begin in August 2009. The main problem — a complex scheme of delivery of materials to the village — the low water levels in the rivers and the lack of a permanent road links. But all the same contractor — JSC "Promkapstroy" fulfilled its obligations. Was spent on the construction of 108 million rubles of the district budget. Kindergarten is equipped with the latest technology: the building has a telephone and internet access, a private independent heating, electricity and pressure-membrane water treatment system, which is mounted the specialists of JSC "BMT" from Vladimir.

The governor of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug Igor Fedorov, who participated in the opening ceremony of the kindergarten, praised the efforts of all who helped in the construction and especially the builders themselves, who, in spite of all the difficulties, managed to pass without comment.

— When the village there are new social facilities — that's besides the special feeling of joy is also a symbol of what the village will live and grow. Children will engage in a spacious modern building for teachers is comfortable working conditions. But in addition to the newly opened boarding school and a new kindergarten we are today with members of the District Assembly, the leadership of the Polar region and the village council decided to establish funds in the budget and to begin soon for the construction of a new school building. The next target will be the new home building culture. We will be glad if you will help us with proven footage of CJSC "Promkapstroy."

In the coming days, the management of the kindergarten "Firefly" will enter into a maintenance contract, and before the end of November, the young people of the village will move to the new building.

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