In Lugansk street bear tore a woman

A woman with severe head injuries and the body sent to the hospital. About her condition doctors do not undertake to say.
On a street in Luhansk on a woman attacked the bear that probably escaped from private property.
A woman with severe injuries brought to the Lugansk regional hospital.

At the moment, doctors conduct a survey of the victim. Said the deputy chief doctor of the regional hospital Sergey Babenko.

"About 14 hours a LOKB came a woman with a severe head injury and the body to which the bear attacked on the street. On the state of the victim is too early. Now conducted all the necessary procedures, including X-rays," — said Babenko.

Residents Lugansk reported seeing a bear in the street Commissioner Sanyuk.

In the main emergency department in the Luhansk region about the bear assented, saying that the place has left the task force.

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