In Mordovia create a cluster for the production of engineering machinery for agriculture and housing

In the capital of Mordovia on February 20, held a meeting the relevant committee of the Russian Engineering Union in the framework of the Inter-regional round table on technical modernization of agriculture in the WTO.

Saransk for the event was not a random choice. In the near future here on the basis of the enterprise of "SAREX", "Concern" Tractor plants "launches a large-scale project of an industrial center, producing agricultural machinery and equipment, construction and public utilities. Choosing assembly area SAREX to create an industrial center due to the fact that it is in the Volga Federal District, today focused 28% of the total number of tractors in Russia. The plant enjoys a privileged geographical location, availability of modern assembly lines and infrastructure.

The event addressed issues re-Russian agriculture in order to increase the competitiveness of domestic agricultural products manufacturer. It is worth noting that the domestic machine builders are able to offer farmers the most diverse range of equipment and thereby fully satisfy all requirements:

  • wheel tractors 0,6 — 3,0 class working on diesel and gas
  • samopogruzochnye propelled chassis
  • loading and cleaning machines
  • mini skid steer loaders,
  • excavators on the basis of wheel tractors,
  • crawler tractors,
  • a wide range of combines,
  • range of attachments and towing equipment.

Create Saransk industrial center, declared the machine-building-industrial group "Concern" Tractor plants ", which produces a full line of wheel tractors AGROMASH, a number of models of multi-purpose community-building machines (MKSM) CHETRA, attachments and towing equipment Vogel &Noot, can allow to make the price of a range of products more convenient for consumers Volga region and Central Russia.

During the event, the only one in Russia full-liner for the production of machinery and equipment for the agricultural, construction and utilities sectors of the economy presented at one of its production sites of "SAREX" a wide range of manufactured products group to comprehensively address the demands of consumers and agricultural utilities. At the tractor show were demonstrated capabilities of machines known Russian brands AGROMASH and CHETRA: wheeled tractors AGROMASH 30TK, 50TK, 60TK, 85TK, 30 school JV 50SSH, ekskava-tor-ee 2621V3, loading and universal machines, loaders CHETRA MKSM 800A with various linkage , mounted and towed selhozagregaty. Also showcased new items — wheel tractor gas AGROMASH 85TKG222, tracked AGROMASH Ruslan 6-traction class with a triangular Bypassed noarmirovannyh on rubber tracks, combine harvester AGROMASH-Yenisei 5000, irrigation system drum AGROMASH-Primus 500/110.

The event was discussed technical solutions integrated development of agriculture, the main areas of technical policy in agriculture and Russia's membership in the WTO, increasing the effectiveness of the mechanisms of federal leasing in 2013 in the territory of the Volga Federal District, as well as the development of industrial potential of the Republic of Mordovia and the role of agricultural machinery enterprises in the implementation of programs of technical updates agriculture.

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