In Moscow, a new item of postal exchange

"Mail of Russia" in conjunction with the Federal Customs Service of Russia opened in Moscow today in Kazan station a new item of postal exchange area of 5.4 thousand square meters It will specialize in the processing of international parcels.

"We expect growth in the number of incoming shipments from abroad twice," — told reporters at the opening paragraph of "Mail of Russia" Dmitry scary. According to him, in the summer load on postal operator equals the peak period of the end of last year. According to the "Mail of Russia", now the average time that elapses from the moment of receiving the delivery, and the U.S. Postal Service to deliver a parcel to the recipient, does not exceed three weeks.

At the initial stage will earn one production line, and in the future we plan to launch another 12 lines, 4 of which will have to work until 17 September. In shift operation will work 400 employees operator.

Postal operator expects to launch a new site for international mail exchange at the Kazan station will reduce the processing time for international mail and improve the quality of customer service in the pre-New Year period. According to the forecasts of the operator, the peak pre-Christmas period, the volume of incoming mail will reach 200-250 tons per day, which is more than twice last year's figures.

During the 2012 "Mail of Russia" has processed and delivered to Russian customers 1.9 million units of parcels, 2.2 million units of EMS-mails and 18 million small packages.

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