In Moscow, a third of the planned roads repaired

All work on the overhaul of roads in Moscow provided the laboratory control. By the mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin saw this during an inspection for warranty repairs on Ostashkovskaya street. Now the city has repaired 7.7 million square meters of roadway — that's 30 percent of the plan for this year. 


Moscow Mayor also asked the head of the Moscow Department of Housing and Public Works Andrew Tsybina how to carry out work on the elimination of the last year of marriage, according to ITAR-TASS.

"Such objects detected over 90. By and large it is a small amount, about 1%, but nevertheless it is important that the whole marriage was eliminated. Assignment I gave this to be resolved within a month," — said Sobyanin. Governor reported that more than half of these objects are given in the proper state, marriage is corrected, the coating made of special mobile laboratories and road builders now proceed to the application layout.

According to the city administration, now in Moscow repaired 7,700,000 square meters of roadway — that's 30 percent of the target of 23.7 million square meters "Over the weekend leave over 8 million square meters," — said the head of the department. According Tsybina, all ten of road laboratories working in the districts, and without undergoing any meter of asphalt is not accepted.

Lab define longitudinal and transverse evenness at 30 -70 km / h The authorities have assured that 100 percent of the work this year, which are carried out repairs of pavement, provided the laboratory control.   

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