In Moscow, built the first in 17 years of complex metrodepo

Additional housing electrodepot "Printers", which serves Lublin-Dmitrovskaya line of the Moscow metro, was the first introduced in the capital's subway in the last 17 years. 

Construction work began in November 2011. The new building will provide savings in this metro line in the amount of 75 million rubles due to the fact that there will stand unused compositions that will save energy and other resources. In total, the new building was built three additional flights of five ways each.

Entering the depot in the Moscow metro is fully aligned with the construction of new lines. In 2012, began active development of the Moscow subway. In particular, the construction of the northern section of Lublin line is scheduled for completion in 2014, with six stations: "Butyrskaja", "Fonvizinskaya", "Tepliy" (with a transfer to Serpukhovsko Timiryazev-line), "circle", "Upper Likhobory" and " Seligerskaya. "

Head of the Moscow subway Ivan Besedin recalled that the last depot was introduced in the Moscow metro in 1995. "In fact, this is the first time since the depot was introduced in Moscow. Introduced workshop will allow the new section of Lublin line subway to work evenly and safely," — said Bessedin.


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