In Moscow, Dmitrov highway opened a new tunnel and overpass

Today is the opening of the tunnel at the intersection of the Dmitrov highway and third Nizhnelikhoborskiy travel and the first from the Moscow Ring Road overpass near Dolgoprudnensky highway.


Almost twice as fast as the estimated construction period — 23 months — built transport tunnelon the main course of the Dmitrov highway at the intersection with 3rd Nizhnelihoborskiy passage.

This is one of the busiest intersections in the northern district of the capital. To increase the capacity of this section of the road network, built a tunnel through which Dmitrov highway here goes underground. For transport services surrounding areas along the tunnel equipped side passages.

Length of tunnel will be 647 meters, its private area — 82 meters. For easy and safe transition over the tunnel is expected to build a pedestrian crossing, which will be connected by just three underground pedestrian tunnel. The main pass through the Dmitrov highway and connect with each other tunnels go along Dmitrovka at the intersections with the 3rd Nizhnelihoborskiy passage.

Another pedestrian crossing will be located under the house of Dmitrov highway 42, near the cinema "Komsomolets".

Himself third Nizhnelihoborskiy passage at the site of the Dmitrov highway in the direction of travel Locomotive will be widened to six lanes with a smooth blending with the existing four-lane roadway. Regulate traffic at intersections of local thoroughfares Dmitrov highway with 3rd Nizhnelihoborskiy passage plan with the help of traffic lights.

In addition to tunnel construction, the project involves the construction of two side passages of three lanes for local traffic, as well as for turns to Dmitrov highway. For these back-ups also launch public transport routes.

Also today, the open car traffic on the new six-lane flyover, built at the intersection of the Dmitrov highway Dolgoprudny and Chelobitevskim highway.

Erected a transit overpass on the main course of the Dmitrov highway. Dmitrovka along both sides equipped side-way driveways, which will provide entry and exit from the highway to the village of North and surrounding areas.

The total length of the constructed overpass — 891 meter. Throughout the course of the interchange built and rehabilitated 3.61 kilometers of side roads and equipped with eight bus stops. During construction, the contractor had to pass more than 50 kilometers of utilities, fell into the work area.

Recall the Dmitrov highway reconstruction project for Moscow to the city limits (to the village. Fungi) provides for construction work on two sites. One of them — a "clover interchange" at the intersection of Dmitrovka and the Moscow Ring Road. Here it is supposed to construct two directed Congress to eliminate the intersection of traffic flows. To rotate a Dmitrovka (driving from the area) on the inner side of the Ring Road overpass under construction, and for the exit of the highway (driving from the city center) on the outside of the ring main builders pave the tunnel, which will be integrated with the transit tunnel to traffic from the center towards the area. In the future, this three-level Full-revolving transport interchange will provide a continuous movement of both the Ring Road, and on the highway.

Another area of construction — from the two-level interchange at the intersection of Dmitrov and Dolgoprudnensky highway to the border of Moscow. According to the project, this section of the highway to be built two transit overpass on the main course Dmitrovka, and along the highways equipped doubles.

Reconstruction of the Dmitrov highway outside Moscow will expand the road network backbone with the existing three to five lanes of traffic in each direction, with dedicated lanes for public transport, as well as organize bessvetofornoe traffic on the main course of the reconstructed segment.

Upon completion of a convenient and comfortable entry into Moscow to Dmitrov highway will not only residents of the capital of the Northern village, but residents of suburban cities Dolgoprudnyi and frontal.

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