In Moscow each year to breathe easier

NIiPI ecology of the city presented the results of the study, which compared the ecological situation in Moscow and other cities of the world.


The list of the eight capital cities of Russia finished fourth. The purity of the air gave way to Moscow Stockholm, Paris and Prague, while ahead of Kiev, London, New York and Hong Kong.

Studies have shown that 90% of toxic emissions in the atmosphere of the capital account for transport. And in the industrial and energy sectors — the other ten.
It is noted? That air pollution by carbon monoxide (main komponet automobile exhaust) in Moscow over the past six years has been reduced by half.


— The authorities need to address the issue of transport, the introduction of cleaner fuels and the development of public transport, to the maximum tap water transport.
In the meantime, live harmlessly in the green courtyard somewhere in the residential area of Moscow, than even on the ruble with windows looking out onto the highway.

In any case, the Muscovites need to get a little air ionizers. — Helen Kornev, scientific secretary NIiPI ecology of the city.

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