In Moscow, GLONASS helps doctors, police and public utilities

Nearly 400 crimes solved in Moscow this year with the help of police equipment fleet satellite navigation system, said the mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin on Wednesday.

"For 10 months, the GLONASS system has allowed to open on the heels of 381 crimes, including two murders, 15 cases of causing grievous bodily harm, 26 robberies, 78 robberies," — said Sobyanin at a meeting on the use of automated systems GLONASS based in Moscow.

According to him, this system works 100% of the MOI of the capital, that is 5,3 thousand cars.



The mayor added that the equipment is also a satellite navigation system coaches "first aid" allowed for the last 2-3 years to reduce access to the patient from 32 minutes to 16 minutes, saving thousands of lives.

In addition, equipped with GLONASS 12.5 thousand units of equipment utilities, as well as almost completed the creation of the joint dispatch service. "Now dispatchers can see in real time for 11 thousand cars, road and utilities. Thereby we control contractors, we see violators, write out fines. All information is automatically transferred to the administrative inspection, which uses this information to integrate the work of contractors and the imposition of appropriate fines, "- said the mayor.


It is reported that on November 19 in the north-west of Moscow, the facts were revealed finding snowplows outside the workplace, each fact was verified administrative inspection and fined. "In this case, on the north-west were 40,000 fines in the south — 114,000 fines, not including economic sanctions, which then the customer will be required to submit" — said Sobyanin.

According to him, the garbage trucks equipped with GLONASS and public ground transportation capital.

"We are preparing an experiment in which the system GLONASS will be additional features: a combined dispatching service will receive information about radioactive monitoring and control of the actual weight of the waste. Possible to check the current average rate of movement, the facts on and off the engine, the flow of fuel. As most importantly, the system will automatically block hydraulics body while trying to unload garbage at an undisclosed location, "- said Sobyanin.

According to him, this system allows you to control all phases of displacement of waste from loading to unloading garbage. As for the truck driver would be virtually impossible to get away from the route to "grab the goods left" or unload garbage in the wrong place.

"All the technical solutions for the system developed in the near future, we intend to install it on the 30 experimental vehicles. If this system will work, we will introduce it to all types of these vehicles," — said the mayor.

As the head of the Russian presidential administration, Sergei Ivanov, GLONASS "working openly on the environment."

"When we started the project of building a road through the Khimki forest, the first thing we discovered a huge number of illegal dumps" — Sergei Ivanov gave an example.

He said that the GLONASS works not only in Moscow but also in other regions of the country.

"I have seen it, for example, in Tatarstan, in the Kaluga region, where the governors, leaders understand that, among other things, GLONASS brings a direct economic benefit. I will not name the region, but where the governor decided on a bold move and equipped with GLONASS all transport your machine in a couple of months he received a savings of 30-40% of the funds. Less fuel, less maintenance, less "left" flight "," — said Ivanov.

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