In Moscow heat wave arrives, then possible hurricanes and tornadoes

In the center of the European part of Russia, a period of intense heat. This weekend the temperature in the Moscow region and adjacent areas could reach 34 degrees, said on Wednesday, July 13, the director of the Russian Hydrometeorological Center Roman Vilfand.

According Vilfand, it is a very high temperature in these areas during this period. "The temperature will be higher than normal at 7 degrees," — said meteorologist.

Weather Center admits that a heat wave in central Russia will last till the end of July, according

"Typically, an anticyclone lasts 10-14 days. However forecasting the end of the anticyclone is still unsatisfactory, so it is impossible to say exactly," — said Deputy meteorologist Gennady Eliseev held at Wednesday's press conference.

According to Eliseev, at the end of the heat wave in the second half of July possible hurricanes, severe thunderstorms and even tornadoes, since the destruction of the blocking anticyclone, usually leads to extreme weather events.

"Possible hail, thunderstorms, tornadoes are possible, but they can only predict a very short period of time" — quoted Eliseev RIA "Novosti".

Recall last summer in the Moscow region for blocking anticyclone was a heat wave, which hit 22 over the summer temperature record. Muscovites suffer from smog and smoke from forest and peat fires. A few weeks in the Russian capital was hard to breathe — smoke penetrated into apartments, offices and underground.

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