In Moscow in July, commissioned 10 new kindergartens


Department of Civil Engineering in Moscow in July 2012, has commissioned ten kindergartens for 1475 places. It is planned that the Day of Knowledge list of new capital kindergartens will join 22 other addresses.

This year, the targeted investment program envisages the construction of Moscow's 76 kindergartens for 10,740 seats. In the first seven months already built 31 nursery places for 4580. By the Day of Knowledge will introduce another 22 kindergartens, currently in the process of paperwork for delivery of facilities.

On the remaining 23 sites, scheduled for delivery by the end of this year, is in full swing construction and installation, finishing and special work equipment made furniture and equipment.

According to the department, the new pre-school appeared once in nine areas:

  • Falcon mountain — st. Utkin, etc. 39B;
  • Ramenky — Apt. 5-6, Michurinsky Avenue, Bldg. 27;
  • Zyuzino — Apt. 41, Bldg. 13;
  • Lomonosov — Apt. 16, Bldg. 5;
  • Khoroshevo-Mnevniki — st. General Glagoleva, ow. 5, Bldg. 3;
  • Kurkino — md. 11 Novokurkinskoe w., Ow. 51, Bldg. 2;
  • Ryazan — Ryazan Ave, 43, Bldg. 1;
  • Veshnyaki — Zhemchugovoj alley, ow. 5, Bldg. 3, 4;
  • in Strogino introduced two kindergartens: in mkr.14A and 2nd Lykovskaya Street., ow. 63B.



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