In Moscow launched a new line of products made of carbon fiber

Holding company "Composite" 3 October launched the modern pultrusion production line of carbon fiber products for the construction industry and energy in technopolis "Moskvich" (the area of innovative development "Moskvich"). By upgrading TIR "Moskvich", the city government began in 2010. A total area of 311 thousand square meters. m located in the former factory "AZLK."

  • Sergei Sobyanin, accompanied by Director General of the holding company "Composite" L.Melameda inspected production company "Composite"
  • Sergei Sobyanin, accompanied by Director General of the holding company "Composite" L.Melameda inspected production company "Composite"

On the new equipment was made carbon fiber profile, for amplifying constructions.

Composite profile durable, non-corrosive, has a low thermal conductivity and high strength characteristics with a mass several times less than steel. This product is used in construction to reinforce building structures. It is also used in the energy, telecommunications, automotive, air and rail transport.

Pultrusion (Broaching) — Manufacturing technology is highly filled composite fiber parts with constant transverse structure.

Technology Pultrusion is a continuous and highly automated, but due to the high fiber content in the finished product, yields composite materials with high strength properties.

On the new pultrusion lines will be made not only the profiles for various purposes, but the composite rebar and other high-tech products for the construction industry.

This installation is part of the first phase of construction "Nanotechnology Center composites", which aims to provide a full range of engineering services and pilot production of composite products. In technopolis "Moscow" nano-center will be located on an area exceeding 8 thousand meters. It will be equipped with the most modern equipment for the manufacture of composite materials.

At the end of the launching ceremony of pultrusion line of distinguished guests a tour of the production "Prepreg-SKM". Delegation of Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin showed the latest equipment for the production of various types of fabrics woven from carbon fiber and prepregs are used in various industries: aviation, shipbuilding, automotive, energy and construction.

CJSC "Prepreg-SKM"

RUSNANO project company CJSC "Prepreg — Advanced Composite Materials" (JSC "Prepreg-SKM"), part of the holding company "Composite" — the first resident technopolis "Moskvich".

HC "Composite" rents Technopolitan area — more than 22,000 m2, which is used for production of single and bi-directional carbon fiber tape on the basis of carbon fiber prepreg tape, carbon fiber tape densification. In addition, in the said territory located laboratory facilities for testing carbon-fiber acts Research Center, equipped facility for the production of polyacrylonitrile filament, which is the raw material for the processing of carbon fiber.

The company in the coming years plans to lease an additional 40,000 m2.

The first stage of the production of these products for composite materials based on carbon fibers in the technopolis "Moscow" company "Prepreg-CKM" launched November 23, 2011.

The total project budget of CJSC "Prepreg-SKM" is 3.46 billion rubles.

Equipped with modern production machines for producing fabrics, and woven ribbons of different types based carbon fibers for densification and installation carbon yarn speed up to 20 m / min.

Weaving capacity by 2013 will amount to 1,000 tons of material per year, and by 2015, the performance will be increased to 2,000 tonnes per year.

Carbon — A polyacrylic organic fiber subjected to a heat treatment (3000 ° C) in an inert environment. Carbon fiber tape — a product of a textile recycling of carbon fibers. Used in the repair and strengthening of buildings and structures, including reinforced concrete structures, aircraft, rocket, automotive, shipbuilding and wind energy, etc.

However, the carbon-fiber tape is beginning to be widely used in municipal facilities in Moscow, including units of "MIPC" MGUP "Waterworks" SUE "Gormost" etc.

The production site "Prepreg-CKM" is also equipped with modern production line prepregs capacity of 40 tons per year. Prepregs — materials made of carbon fiber impregnated with epoxy resin systems.

In the near future technopolis will be completed the installation of one of the world's largest production line of prepreg production capacity of 1.5 million tons per year.

The enterprise will be posted bench unit for processing carbon fiber for the production of finished products made of polymer composite materials based on carbon fiber.

In order to provide a full range of engineering services and pilot production of composite products in 2012 HC "Composite" and the Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs RUSNANO established OOO "Nanotechnology Center composites", which started the reconstruction of 8,000 sq.m. to accommodate the laboratory and production space at TRR Moskvich.

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