In Moscow, opened a new building of a kindergarten for 125 places

In kindergarten, number 962 on the street Palekh, 14a in the Yaroslavl region commissioned a new building. Next week he will take the boys.

The new building is designed for 125 preschoolers. Here are 6 groups, including — a group of short-term stay. The housing is equipped with modern medical unit with a study physiotherapy. Equipment and catering department can prepare meals in the pair, and knead the dough.

The swimming pool on the ground floor is equipped with a water filtration system and showers for boys and girls. On the third floor you will find a spacious music room: you can choreograph. On the second floor — a sports hall. It has already appeared baby basketball, wall bars, special simulators and soft modules, which can be converted into mazes and treadmills.

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