In Moscow, opened a new case of child GKB N9

New infectious body children's hospital number 9 took the first name Speranskii young patients.  

  • new building children's hospital № 9.  Speranskii
  • new building children's hospital № 9. Speranskii

The new complex will be able to take infectious about ten thousand children a year. "We can help patients with almost any infectious disease," — said the chief doctor Anatoly Korsun.

The area of new infectious case is 22.5 thousand square meters, it is designed for two beds. The building — the front desk for seven boxes, resuscitation and intensive care, operating theater, two offices for newborns and one — for infants, as well as diagnostic rooms equipped with modern ultrasound, endoscopy, electrophysiology and other equipment.

In addition, in the case settled and immunological rapid laboratory, radiology department, equipped with two digital devices and the latest computer tomography. One feature of the new building, in the words of Korsun is the ability to ensure the stay of parents with sick children. For this office equipped with single poluboks individual treatment systems and air disinfection.

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