In Moscow, opened a new sports complex Dynamo on the old site

April 13, 2013 at 12:00 in Moscow officially opened the new Palace of Sports "Dinamo". Center was built three years. It is equipped with the most modern equipment. For visitors opened the 50-meter pool, and halls for all kinds of sports.

There will be training wrestlers, fencers, football players, basketball players and other athletes. The center also has an outdoor area for sports in the summer.

Withthe Events dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the Society "Dinamo" and is a landmark for the sport community and all the inhabitants of the capital. 

Among the guests at the ceremony attended by veterans of the movement, they became spectators of the first swimming competitions in the new center. The opening of a sports complex will not leave indifferent any amateur sport, as, thanks to the efforts of the Moscow Dynamo, Water sport returns to the stadium. Due to the holiday activities on a new sports facility of the capital was raised Dynamo airship.


For holiday guests were given a tour, during which you can see and appreciate all the possibilities of a new sports complex, it is not only a 50-meter swimming pool, but also facilities for fencing, playing sports and fighting, in which athletes fencers and MFSK "Young Dynamo "spent their master classes.

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