In Moscow, opened a supermarket without the sellers and cashiers

In Moscow, opened a supermarket of the future, in which buyers and sellers do without cashiers. Their role is performed by modern equipment. Spread products on the conveyor belt is not necessary, since they are all labeled with radio-frequency chips. Special machine scans the goods himself, and the amount of purchase will appear on the screen. And it can pay in cash or via credit card terminal. 

Unique to the world of food retail trading facility, combining the latest technology available for servicing customers, launched in test mode in Office X5 Retail Group (shops, "Roundabout", "Crossroads." "Carousel") in Moscow.


Among the differences from conventional supermarkets — a fundamentally different way of organizing the system purchases. The store is no cashiers or salespeople. All products are marked with RFID tags with unique identifiers (technology RFID). These can be traced all the way goods — from the manufacturer to the warehouse, from the warehouse to the store, from the store to the consumer.                             



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