In Moscow, opened after the reconstruction of Crimean Embankment

In Moscow, opened after the reconstruction of Crimean embankment. It has become a pedestrian area with fountains and vernissage artists, where they will exhibit their work.

Accomplishment of the Crimean city waterfront cost of two billion rubles. These funds have equipped the modern pedestrian zone more than a kilometer in length. 

On the waterfront created artificial hills of varying heights — it is made especially for lovers of summer extreme sports. And in the winter with these hills can ride a ledyankah.

All the guests will be able to connect to the free Wi-Fi. On the waterfront landed European linden, maple, hawthorn and ornamental apple trees.

Benches, walkways and roof of the pavilion for artists feature in the form of waves — that its architects are considered a symbol of the Crimean waterfront, next to which is a monument to Peter I.

Quay will not only be the pedestrian zone and the landscape park in which Muscovites will be able to see how familiar trees and hills, and new items, such as interactive puddle. In addition, everyone will be able to sit on the benches glowing from within.

Note that all the trees that were planted at the Yalta embankment, are hypoallergenic, that is safe for people with allergies.

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