In Moscow, opened the Museum of Telephone History

From messenger to Skype

Along with a few telephones Russian companies are well represented in the museum of curiosities and the majority of the world's largest collection of proizvoditeley.Eto callers vehicles in Europe.


The idea of creating a museum owned by the Director General of "Mastertel" Vitaly Ezopova. His fascination with the history of telephony has grown into the creation of a fundamental collection of vintage telephones and other communications equipment and accessories. The exhibition is constantly updated, now it has more than 500 unique pieces.

History number rooted in the distant past. The need to transmit information over long distances was inherent to mankind since ancient times, since people have the need to communicate. At different times, the means of communication were the drums and symbols — the color of the sails, fire, smoke, fire … But the most reliable means of steel runners — people and birds. During the Gallic Wars in 56 BC. e. spaced chain Gallic screamers pass information about the progress of Caesar's army: the baud rate reached 100 km / h! Medieval buildings Pskov still fraught with narrow passages in the walls through which to receive and send messages. In ancient times, also used the so-called rope phone: between the two diaphragms stretched a rope through the sound vibration which is transmitted from one end to the other — so communication was carried out over short distances. Configuration information and that in 968 Chinese inventor has created a device that transmitted sound through the pipe.

The invention is a device that transmit and receive audio has already used to the properties of electricity, preceded the appearance of the electric telegraph and its successful application in the first half of XIX century.

The man quickly becomes accustomed to comfort, and does not think — all we have now is the result of long and hard work of the whole galaxy of inventors and scientists.

Save precious world heritage accumulated in the field of telecommunication, knowledge about how over the centuries evolved means of communication such as wooden home furnishing phones gradually turned into miniature computers, telephones, as relationship influenced the further development of mankind — such aims pursued by art dealers in creating the exhibition. The museum features the work of famous domestic and foreign public figures who contributed to the development of telecommunication — PM Golubitskoe, PN Yablochkova AS Popov, AG Bell, N. Tesla, Edison T., S. Morse, Marconi, A. Meucci and others.

Museum in Moscow is located at: ul. Krasnobogatyrskaya 89. Tours are conducted on weekends and free.

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