In Moscow, opened to positive graffiti

Object "Circus" Alexei Bronze decorated facade of the house number 15 on the street. Pipe. This is the first of 150 graffiti paintings,
which will appear this summer on the streets of Moscow in the summer Festival "Best city in the world".
On the canvas area of about 180 square meters. m shows the tiger, bear, elephant and monkey. In the height of hovering over them fancy bird, and the rows of flags indicate that the audience — artists of circus. The painting yellow, sunny background, which diluted the gray surrounding area.

The official opening Graffiti Festival made by the Head of the Department of Culture of Moscow, Sergei Kapkov, who congratulated the artist on the successful completion of the work. New Festival Moscow will continue the tradition, institutions in Europe, where the artists stand out for special areas where they can legitimately draw graffiti.
The project involved artists, famous throughout the world. "They painted the street surface in many cities, and graffiti pictures always fit into the environment: the artists are looking at an object, work with the landscape, "- said one of the curators Graffiti Project Festival "The best city in the world" Sabina Chagina.

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