In Moscow, opened to traffic on the main line from Zvenigorod highway to the Moscow-City

Zvershilos construction of the highway from Zvenigorod highway to the "Moscow-City". Construction work at the site were conducted in 2007, the number of facilities went into operation in 2010. Total construction was spent 18.55 billion rubles.

"Today, the" City "has already provided more or less normal road and transport infrastructure. Enough big breakthrough in this project, "- said Sobyanin during the inspection motorway.

In his report, the deputy mayor of Moscow Sergei Sobyanin on urban policy and the construction of M.Husnullin reported that work was suspended due to lack of funding, the active construction began two years ago. In just five years, was built 9.2 km of roads, flyovers seven total length of 3.1 km, two railway viaduct, five underpasses, shifted 16 km utilities.

With the new line will be significantly reduced traffic load on the Third Ring Road in downtown, reduced road congestion within and on the approaches to the "City", will improve the traffic situation for residents Presnensky district and the economic situation in the Stones. According to M.Husnullina, now achieved a major goal — the possibility of a large transport hub.

Head of the Department of Transportation and Development of road infrastructure M.Liksutov, in turn, said that in the future on this site is planned to increase the number of buses on the 30% that will make dopolnitelno30-40 thousand seats.

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